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hi does anyone have any experience of the bank (la banque postale), which is said to be a popular bank in france? wanting a bank with english speaking service, we are close to eymoutiers (87120). or if anyone has any other knowledge of recommended banks, in this area, would be great!  thanks y bishop

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Terrible, awful, would NEVER use again ever. They drove me crazy.  Over a year and about six written posted letters and also emails, never a word back. They ignored everything even when I was about to move back to UK and would not close my account. No replies ever, I wrote emergency letters to them about leaving france and wanting to close the account, never in over a year would they reply to anything at all. If I am able to move back to France I would use any bank except them. In the end I had to write .French cheques to someone who would convert it to ┬ús, months later for the first time ever they wrote wanting about 50+ euros for leaving them.

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