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Advice urgently needed!I bought a house in France 13 years ago and have 2 years left to go on the mortgage. My brother visited yesterday and the locks were changed by baliffs in November and I have a court summons in France on the 2nd April. I have struggled in the last few years to pay the mortgage but have sent regular monthly payments to cover the mortgage costs, or so I thought. Apparently not! They have sent all correspondence to an old address so yesterday was the first I knew about it.Firstly, do I have to attend the court hearing and secondly what will happen if I dont?I have 2 young children and cant afford the cost of the flights. The house has been on the market for 7 years and despite dropping the price drastically there have been no buyers. I also asked the bank in 2017 if I could extend term to reduce monthly payments but they said no. I had informed the bank in writing about changes of address but they clearly didn't update their databaseHas anyone been in this situation? Not sure what to do and struggling where to go for adviceThanks in advance

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