Your right to vote in the UK

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For those away from UK for more than 15 years and have been treated so undemocraticaly by being not allowed to vote (especially this blasted past referendum) please visit this link try to influence the UK Government to return our right to vote at Fridays private members bill in Parliament where this topic will be discussed. It might be interesting for you to join ECREU if you have not already done so.

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BobGlasby 1518014648

If you have been away for more than 15 years i think it entirely reasonable that one's right to vote be taken away.  Makes perfect sense.

chèvrefeuille 1518021140

It does seem a strange wish to me too. 

borjastick-512278 1518024409

There's always a presumption that every ex-pat would have voted to remain in the EU. This is not the case. I know a good many full time ex-pats here who definitely voted for Brexit, me included. As for the point of the 15 year rule, I am perfectly happy with it. Makes sense to me.

Oldbury 1518072806

any ex-pat Brit living in France or elsewhere on mainland Europe permanently and voted 'leave' is insane.

mintyonemick 1518089449

I am with you oldbury why would you vote out if you live here and risk losing all your rights must be brain dead or another very rich conservative

labrousse-500162 1518105441

Ah yes, good old Brits, never immigrants always ex-pats.

joinfrance 1518159913

I'm an immigrant. I object to having taxation without representation. I should be allowed to vote either here or in the UK.

chèvrefeuille 1518163273

You are not an immigrant Joy, you are an EU citizen taking advantage of your right to free movement. Your status will change in 2018. 

mintyonemick 1518182696

joinfrance you can vote here

joinfrance 1518241244

Only in municipal elections!

labrousse-500162 1518247146

If you live in france permanently under free-movement rules you are not an immigrant?  Have a quick look in the Oxford  English Dictionary. The rules that allow to live in another country(asylum, work-visa free-movement etc) don't dictate whether you are an immigrant or not. 

Oldbury 1518259235

Of course we are ex-pats and immigrants, just as the Bangladeshi population are also ex-pats and immigrants; the notion that British people see themselves only in one bracket and not the other is nefarious.

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