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 a recommendation we had a fantastic meal today at St Junien Golf Course in their restaurant.   It is well worth a visit (booking is sometimes necessary)  check out their website. Great friendly service , well priced lovely meal in a beutiful setting.   A little difficult to find but worth the effort and if you are a Golf Player even better.   

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Does anyone know if someone who would do a hog roast in dept 87250 for a wedding next July, so far have drawn a blank.All suggestions gratefully received

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I am about to make my Christmas puddings and Cakes and normally my sister brings the dried fruit over from the UK, however she can't drive over this year so where can I get it from in bulk?

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Am trying to find out about licencing laws in France. I would like to know what I would need and how I would go about getting a licence for the sale of alcohol for private functions on private land. I can only seem to find out about licences for bars/restaurants where as I would like one for weddings or events help on my own property. Does anyone know anything abut this or where I can find any info about this. Thanks in advance for any help given.

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Will be returning to France after a spell out of Europe.  Anyone know of good home-grown vegetables and maybe free-range eggs, milk and meat for sale around 21st December?

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Where can I buy Soy Lecithin?

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I am looking for a small chateau or manoir or something similar and a caterer for a meal for up to 55 persons after a wedding.  The wedding will take place in London but the young English couple would like to have a celebratory meal in the Limousin area in May or June of 2017.

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I have tried to contact Mike, & I knew he was selling. Anyone know if he has succeeded in selling his place. I wanted a room for a week, & wanted to catch up.The phone line is disconnected.Thanks in advance.

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Being a home baker and now 'forced' to cook/bake gluten free, I am finding it a struggle to find flours, pasta etc. locally at a reasonable price. I don't have enough arms and legs to pay for them if I could find them. However there is a company which would deliver to me, and their food stuffs are the same price as in england, just with the delivery cost added. Is anybody or bodies wanting to join me in an order for plain, self-raising, bread, rice flours or pastas etc. Obviously buying in bulk reduces the cost as well. It would be nice to share recipes too; successes and failures.

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Has anyone eaten at King Long in Limoges near McDonalds on the ring road?  Was it good or is there a better one.

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Hi! I'm in the area for two months, and since it's just me and my partner, we don't want to prepare a whole Christmas meal. Are there any restaurants in the area that serve food on the 24th or 25th? I checked several so far, and many seem to be closed for Christmas, and it doesn't help that neither of us speaks French. It doesn't need to be Bitish food either, just a place with a nice festive menu. Many thanks!

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Can anyone recommend a good restaurant close to Saint Léonard de Noblat that is open all year round?

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Hi ,   does anyone know of a restaurant around La Souterraine area that is serving a traditional  christmas menu in the run up to christmas, thankyou

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Hello All, As a new comer to the region, I would like to know where one can get hold of some decent smoked salman. (not the supermarket rubbish) We used to order from Loch Fyne while we were in the UK. But their delivery charge to France make it too expensive.

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I know this is a bit of a longshot,but here goes. A few years ago I saw an advertisment in the Creuse News for a Pork farm and shop that supplied pork with crackling, Gammons and bacon. It would be a real treat for Christmas. I have disposed of all my back copies thinking I wouldn't need them. Does anyone know of this farm? I think it was in Aigurande area but I can't be sure. Many thanks in advance.

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My daughter is visiting me this weekend and I'd like to take her for dinner Saturday evening but she's a vegan. Can anyone recommend a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in or around Limoges.

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The game season is here. Does anyone know where I can get a supply of game like venison, wild boar etc in the Haute Vienne. Somewhere from which I can get a regular supply or even a whole carcas to store inthe freezer.

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Need skirt steak (nothing else will do) anybody know what it is called in French?  or where to buy it.  Also need sour cream, if not available to buy, does anyone know how to make it?

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Does anyone know where I can buy live freshwater crayfish (for the pot). I'm told there are plenty living in the local streams and lakes. I'm in Haute Vienne.

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Hi can anyone recommend a creperie/galetterie in or  south of Limoges?

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