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after the death of my wife,I have sold my house and am moving back to the uk to be near the family. I am getting hair raising removal costs and difficulty finding someone that will also move the machinery from my workshop, (small lathe, milling m/c etc). Can anyone recommend a plan of action?

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HiCan anyone offer up advice on the process or procedure for obtaining a post box for the property i purchased in the Mourioux Vievielle area.

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HiLooking for advice if possible, i,m looking to have an exsisting overhead electricity supply (not used for possibly 20 years) converted and installed underground from the service pole to my property.Who would be the best point of contact for this in the Mourioux Vievielle region.

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HiBeing new to the Mourioux Vieilleville area i,m looking for the best or most economical place to obtain a large amount of both Soft and Hard wood sawn timber for my renovation project.Any suggestions or guidance would gratefully received.

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Hello,Can anyone fit a high pressure diesel pump on mercedes sprinter 311 cdi

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So many of these threads are really Old! And websites no longer exist. Does Admin ever check and clear?

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Hello, my husband completed a Passenger Locator form in order to board the flight to UK.  He is there now and travels back in a few days.  Does he need to complete a fresh, new form in order to travel back to our home here in France.  I can't get clarifcation on any website.  We don't want to assume and then find out before his flight back that he needs a new form.  Any ideas please?  

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We live in Bussierre-Poitevine and need help in applying to convert a UK driving licence to a French one.Is there anyone nearby that can do this on our behalf ? Obviously we will provide the necessary paperwork.Please email me on stewart_heald@hotmail.comThanks and regards Stewart Heald

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HiCan anyone offer up advice on the best Product to purchase for Lime Mortar repointing

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Hi does anyone have strong views on vaccine passports?

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Hi I am new to this site and I am looking for ideally an English speaking builder near to La Celle-Dunoise/Dun le Palestel area. We are looking to buy a property in La Celle-Dunoise but with current travel restrictions we can’t come to view it. I am from a building background myself so would look to be renovating myself but I am ideally wanting to gauge the state of repair of the property. We have visited the village several times and love it,  it always feels like home every time we go, we want to buy the house due to the setting alone and will buy it blind without viewing but ideally just want to know what we will be looking at to make it right. Obviously not asking for a free favour will pay for the service. Thanks in advance Rob

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Builder required to put in a support pillar on the lower half of a barn please

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Are there any fridge engineers out there. We have an Ariston fridge/freezer which my wife painted to blend in with our kitchen colour scheme and would like to repair it if possible.

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HiI've just had some large trees felled and looking for a company that will come and mill these trees into useful lumber does anyone know of a person or company that undertakes this kind of work in this region.

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Hi All, I have been asked to find out whether there are places in the Limousin where 'serious' mountain biking enthusiasts can hire a decent bike and go on a guided circuit. The area they are most interested in is the Ambazac mountains. Th.e problem being, there are dozens and dozens of clubs listed, but it is not at all clear whether they hire bikes or whether you need to be a member. Does anyone have any info on any that do and that do circuits with a guide please? I would particularly be interested to hear from anyone with actual experience of participating please.

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Hello all, I'm writing an article about the Limousin, and want to include insights from year-round residents. I'd love to hear your reasons for choosing this region, as I have explored the area but it's very different when you live there all year (I live in Brittany, and it's very different in a drizzly December when the shops are shut!). Someone told me they moved from the Limousin as it was too wet in winter and simply not enough going on. Fair comment or do you disagree?Sincere thanks in advance, it helps me to build a fuller picture of the reality for the article. 

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Hi everyone, we currently live in Brittany but are thinking of moving. It won’t be imminent, thinking of in a couple of years time. In the meantime we intend to check out possible ares when we’re out in our camper. So we’re looking for ideas , places to look, etc. Looking for a small village with amenities, within a reasonable distance to the sea. Somewhere, we are thinking, in the La Rochelle region it we are open to suggestions. Any ideas of pretty villages, small towns that we could visit please? Thank you. 

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Hello,Does anybody know how much would be the renovation of approximately 230 square meters house? Two floors, needs bathrooms changed, making few internal walls, painting  walls and ceilings, changing floors.. Anybody had experience with renovation in France? Any advice on how to find and hire workers? How much the worker is paid a day here? Any advice regarding this would be appreciated! Thanks! 

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Hi - thinking of getting a Kindle for wife's birthday from Amazon.fr. Have read it is difficult to download books in English - is this the case. I have no UK address or CC card. Can it be done ?   I checked the availability of English books on AMAZON.fr and there was 1   !!  

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