Download Kindle E Books in English - In France?

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Hi - thinking of getting a Kindle for wife's birthday from Have read it is difficult to download books in English - is this the case. I have no UK address or CC card. Can it be done ?   I checked the availability of English books on and there was 1   !!  

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Iris-502717 1366794485

Hi, there,

If I remember correctly we bought our Kindles about 2 years ago and because we wanted the books to be in English we HAD to buy the Kindle in the UK so we had them sent to family there. We then registered it with or and you can then download directly to your Kindle English books. They have a limited amount of free books and it is well worth checking every 4 weeks or so!

We also downloaded an application for our laptops which makes searching the internet so much easier. If you google 'calibre e-book management' it comes up with the link.

I hope this helps.


Persianpussycats 1366812035

Thanks Iris,

I shall try tthat route though my Mother in Law.

Phillamin 1366821238

Hi I have brought 2 kindle's from Amazon fr, when they arrived I registered them to Amazon uk using brother in laws address and I download both brought books and free books even though I only have a french bank card.

You need to go into your kindle settings on Amazon fr and change the address your kindle is registered to.

Bluefish-510149 1366829460


I bought a Kindle over here in France 18 months ago and have no trouble using for english books (and their "Deal of the Day"). It was delivered here from America (?). I use an english credit card, with our french address, to pay. I have just checked my Kindle account and the only reference to country is in "Your Kindle Account" - "Country Settings" which I have set to "United Kingdom".

It works for me!


Persianpussycats 1366832037

Many thanks to all - greatly appreciated !

borjastick-512278 1367000798


If they are written in English that is the language they would be available in. If you search for English books on amazon you will find them in in English.

Happy reading.

Nathan-Watson976 1609199487

There's no chance of getting it on a French?

Nathan-Watson976 1609199644

Found on Amazon only in English

David -Forrester-958695 1609200804

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