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We live in Bussierre-Poitevine and need help in applying to convert a UK driving licence to a French one.Is there anyone nearby that can do this on our behalf ? Obviously we will provide the necessary paperwork.Please email me on stewart_heald@hotmail.comThanks and regards Stewart Heald

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You only need to do this if your current uk driving licence is about to expire 

There is no requirement to exchange unless you have to have points on your licence eg speeding

This is as a result of the Anglo French agreement on licences

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I applied in July 2020 and completed all the paperwork online and then sent photos by post. They have sent me texts ever since saying all is well but there is a delay. Firstly due to Brexit and now due to the demand and covid office restrictions. They are definitely prioritising those whose licences are due to expire first. Mine isn't so I would expect a new licence sometime this year.

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Thank you, I have done as you have and am now waiting. Stewart Heald.

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