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HiCan anyone offer up advice on the process or procedure for obtaining a post box for the property i purchased in the Mourioux Vievielle area.

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Matthew -Parris-992373 1648905348

You can buy one at the Post Office at some supermarkets or at any brico place 

I would advise buying one that is big enough for small parcels to go in

It needs to be put at the edge of your property at a height where the facteur can reach out of the van to put things in and you should put your name in the space provided The facteur has a master key that fits all post boxes If you find that water is accumulating at the bottom of the box it is worth investing in a small baking grille to keep the mail off the bottom It is worth seeing if you can see your local postie and introduce yourself They are very useful people to cultivate.

Also at Xmas the postie will be "selling" a calendar which is the way of tipping them if you buy one generally €10-20 is acceptable

Stephen-Heath-986440 1648978916

Hi Matthew

I did notice some post type boxes (with no names) in the area where my property is located i will track down a local post office and enquire about obtaing a key.

Thank you for the valued information.

Matthew -Parris-992373 1649327586

No you do not need a key the box that you buy will come with keys which you keep. The postman has master keys that fit the post box so you do not need to give him one .You just need to buy the box if you do not already have one and put it up

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