Stone façade Re-Pointing

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HiCan anyone offer up advice on the best Product to purchase for Lime Mortar repointing

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bandy 1632836467

Lime (chaux blanche) and sand (sable) from any brico or builders merchant.

Stephen-Heath-986440 1632840295

Hi Bandy

thank you for your guidance 

AtHomeWithTheWeather 1636018041

There are sometimes three versions in offer, NHL 2, 3.5, and 5

Generally, 3.5 is the one for pointing.  5 is for a much harder water resistant and quicker (but not quick) setting finish, 2 for if you were withing with, for example,  very soft bricks.

My local builders merchant seems to be oblivious to the NHL rating, though it is written across the sack.

Stephen-Heath-986440 1636641141


thank you for commenting and the advice much appreciated 

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