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I hope someone can help us out , we are in a bit of a bind. My husband and I bought a derelict house in France 3 years ago, we have been over and back from Ireland getting it done up and it is nearly finished. We had hoped to move next summer. We have enough money to survive for a year or two until we find our feet.  I had a baby last year and six months later I developed double vision. To cut a long story short it turns out I have MS. We were prepared to pay for private medical insurance as I assume we are not eligible for any cover from the french system. However I now cannot get private cover because of my MS. We have put our life savings into this venture and we were hoping our little boy could grow up in the lovely house we bought. Is there any way I could pay into the state system ? If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful, N

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Does anyone know what happened to the english dentist that used to be in Bourganeuf, has she moved to another practice?

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Can anyone tell me if there is someone, or a group who supports mental health/ depression in the Confolens area. Thankyou

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Hi. We really need to find a good English speaking dentist in the Ambazac area, although we are happy to travel. Does anyone have any recommendations please? Thank you. :) 

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Does anyone have CIGNA Health Insurance?  Is it good and has anyone had any problems? Due to take private insurance due to no S1 and under pension age.

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Rochechouart, Saint Mathieu or Saint Junien who may speak some English,looking forward to your recommendationsmany thanks

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Hi Does anyone know if any of the doctors in le dorat speak any English? I would be grateful if you can pm me at awbridgedogs@gmail.comThanks

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HiDoes anyone know a doctor and dentist that speaks English in Le dorat. Please pm me at awbridgedogs@gmail.comThanks

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Hello  Dentist handed me a Brown Form to send off for the Carte Vitale refund.   Their machine wasnt working at the time.   I think she said to send it to Reims.   Does anyone know the address  tried googling and it gave me Limoges.   We are retired on S1 Carte Vitale.      Thank you.   

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HiI moving to La Dorat at the end of the month and I was just wondering if there a doctor who speaks some English and also a vets for my dog there. If you could pm me at awbridgedogs@gmail.com that would be great.ThanksJess

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Hi I've moved to la souterraine 7 weeks ago and looking for an english speaking doctor can any one help 

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My mother wants to move here to be close to us and will live with us until she finds her feet, but whilst she is currently fairly fit, she wants to know if there are such things as over 60's retirement villages as they have in the USA.  Any ideas where to start looking as don't want to use the local Immobilier at least not yet as just looking at the options for the moment.

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just been in the hospital in chateauroux  dept 36 after a bad accident and then been on the end of an attack by 3 of their nurses who ran their shift by fear and intimidation and was probably responsible for re braking my arm i asked for the police and someone to talk too but got ignored , but i know they did a tv and radio interview about it the next day have written down all what happen really need some advice what too do

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This morning I was watching Victoria Derbyshire on BBC regarding inplants for prolapse it has been stated that the severe side effects and long term problems hundreds are sueing  the NHS AND THE MANUFACTURES OF THE MPLANTS.   I have had this happen to me, and all discussed by a panel of females who have had this mesh implant. It was exactly what I am suffering I am currently waiting for a further operation,but all that was said has made me scared as I currently feel my quility of life has been taken away, through cronic pain with all the symptoms described. They are saying that it will go to the goverment to ban this type of transplant . Living in France what should I do as the Dr said it is a simple operation but they said that before plus I was told for 3 years before first op that it was urine infections and many other things  fobbed of basically . When at last after 3 years and having a internal I was told I had a grade 3 prolaspe. I recently had a scan of pelvic area then 2 days later phone call for a further scan immediate, this scared me thinking cancer etc . The Dr played the scan down by saying his bowel colleague needed to be consulted before my next op this was 3 months ago I still have not heard anything. So when seeing this programme today I now am worried. I have had 4 admission to hospital sent by my Gp here in France only to be given pain relieve antibiotics and laxatives on all occasions. My digestive system is so bad I am frightened to eat so I am sticking to the same things. I could go on for ever with all the side effects I have got . Does any one have this problem. Please write to me.

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Need to see the dentist :(Can anyone recommend one not too far from La Souterraine please?Thank you

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Hi everyone Does anyone know of a English-speaking rheumatologist. I suffer with fibromyalgia and I am in the middle of a flare up. I live in the Creuse area about 20 mins east of Gueret, I don't mind travelling. I speak some French and understand more it's just more reassuring to speak in English.Thanks SarahAdmin message:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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Hi there, does anyone know of an English speaking rheumatologist in the Creuse? 

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Can anyone tell me what, if anything, is covered on the carte vitale for dental care?

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