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Hello  Dentist handed me a Brown Form to send off for the Carte Vitale refund.   Their machine wasnt working at the time.   I think she said to send it to Reims.   Does anyone know the address  tried googling and it gave me Limoges.   We are retired on S1 Carte Vitale.      Thank you.   

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joinfrance 1507699012

Fill it in and take it to the pharmacy you normally use. If they won't take it off you, they will at least give you the correct address to send it.

zander666 1507715025

Hello thank you for confirming my thought of  the day.   

zander666 1507751548

Just  to  let  you know went chemist they put my name in machine and gave me the address.    Brilliant.   

countrydweller 1507881776

Just take it to your local CPAM office or look ok the Ameli Fr wbsite which if you enter your post code will tell you the head office of your CPAM for Limousin

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