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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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Hi, we’ve just bought a house in limousin. When we viewed and started the process 3 months ago there was a tidy  bamboo area not too big. We have now returned and it’s gone crazy. Any tips on how to remove it ? Any gardeners with knowledge of bamboo and possibly a digger that you can recommend ? Many thanks in advancesuzette

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Hi, we are doing up our house just outside Magnac Laval. However we need to get hold of some plasterboard. We live in England at the moment but want to have some delivered to our property. Does anyone know if any companies offer this. Most seem to charge hundreds of euros! Is there a way around this? Many Thanks

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Hi, can anyone recommend someone who can re-gas an aircon unit please. We are based near to Montmorillon. Many thanks in advance.

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Hello, can anybody recommend a good local tree surgeon? I've got a couple of risky trees i'd like chopped (one leaning towards the house). I'm located between St.Germain and Uzerche (87380).Thanks!

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We need to find a nice big trailer full of well rotted horse manure. So if you live with a 15 mile radius or so of Chamberet and have some, then do please get in touch, we will of course collect and load, may well leave you a nice bottle of something too.

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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We had a pipe burst in the ceiling between the ground and first floor, our agent at Allianz in Eymoutiers did, and is still doing nothing to help us in this Emergency situation.Does anyone know a good plumber whom they have actually had experience using - it will not be a simple job and we need help as soon as possible.  

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Hi does anyone know the best online company (and most economical) for order and delivery of domestic home heating oil? We are based in haute Vienne limousine.

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Hi I’m just wondering whether people using an electric water balon could offer me some advice. We use an electric water heater so heat our hot water. Do you think using a timer so that it switches off over night would actually save money. My theory is that if I switched it off from 10pm to 6am in effect I’d not be heating water for quite a few hours but not sure whether heating the water each morning from much cooler is a false economy than leaving it ticking over. Has anybody tried to see if it makes a difference. Thanks 

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Hi all, looking at moving to the limousine area. We appreciate some areas will be colder than others mainly due to the altitude of the house where you live. We like creuse but would like to know if anyone in this area finds that wood burners do or don't provide enough heat to be comfortable. Regardss lance 

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Hi,I'm hoping someone can help or advise. We've had a complete nightmare with our pool builders. The project has dragged on for over a year now and we've had problem after problem. Just getting them there to do the work has been challenging enough (they come for a few hours one day and disappear for 2 weeks) but we've got bowing walls, a leak, an un level pool and just lots of generally poor workmanship. We are still due 2 payments on the project, a large one and a small one for end snagging. So far we've refused to release any more money as we feel the costs to rectify the problems will amount to far more than the snagging, as well as being extremely dissatisfied by the end product. The pool is usable despite the leak so theoretically it is close to finished. It looks a real bodge job though.We have tried to deal with the amicably and have tried to work out a way to get the pool we want and thought we were getting. But now they are threatening to go to the Hussiers de Justice to recover the outstanding money so won't turn up again until that money is paid...Does anyone have any advice as to our next steps? We are a bit at a loss as we obviously want a finished (decent enough) and functioning pool.Hope someone can help.regards,

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Does anyone know any where we can buy paraffin at a reasonable price in or near the Bourganeuf area?  We've just been to  our local Carrefour and they've increased their prices by 10 euros overnight.  It used to be 22 euros, but,  with the cold weather meaning more people need paraffin,  it's now gone up to 32 euros.  Any ideas?

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Hello everyone, does anyone know where we could hire a chipper - we have loads of conifers to chip.We live in Peyrilhac, near Limoges. Region 87510. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.ThanksNicola

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Can anyone recommend a service engineer to look at my Whirlpool dishwasher which has suddenly developed an intermittent fault so works sometimes and not others. Oradour sur Vayres area.Many thanks

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