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Hi there, and I need advice. Can anyone recommend a company to carry furniture and belongings back to the UK ?Thanks

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Dear all, My partner and I have bought a house just outside St. Mathieu, but within Maisonnais sur Tardoire  to renovate as our second home. Could anyone advise us how we can find a couple of people to help with some heavy lifting? We have just arrived with various items of furniture etc and need to unload it within the next few days. Unfortunately my partner recently had to undergo major heart surgery & is not able to do all the heavy lifting he did in the past. We are happy to pay for such help, which probably would only take a couple of strong people about an hour to complete. This could lead to occassional odd hours of additional unskilled labouring work as renovation work progresses. If you know of anyone in the area, please message me ASAP at p.matter@btinternet.comMany thanks from Pam

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We’re producing a TV series called Amazing People and Propertiesand would like to feature properties in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regionthat have some connection with history.   This can be propertiesconnected to an important moment in history, a movement or a person.Amazing People and Properties will – initially - be onYouTube and will be based on people and properties in France. If you would likeyour property to be featured, please email:  wearegamechangers@outlook.com   

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Hi. I’m in correze and looking for someone who can program the electric gates we have bought. 

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Help ! Does anyone know anyone in 87 around Bellac, Limoges area who cleans range cookers, cookers and ovens ? Back in the UK there were several small businesses that specialised in cleaning domestic appliances. They would come to your home and do the job, efficiently and with no mess. We have a dual fuel range cooker and I try my best but it needs a professional ! I was given the name of one person, but she is no longer lives is area. So, please if you do it or know of someone who does, please get in touch, Thank you, Lesley M  

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Hi . I have roughly 500 mature douglas fir trees and I have been made an offer to sell some of the more larger ones       ( over 1.5 mtre diameter )  . i know the cost of douglas fir is very expensive in uk but what should I ask for standing trees in an easily accessible location . I know the buying and selling of trees and lumber is a dark art but any advice would be appreciated . 

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Hi everyone, my family and I are in the process of buying a property nr Saint-Dizzier-Leyrene; we’re hoping to complete in January, and this is likely to be the first of many requests for advice!  The house has a pool that needs a little tlc.  Any recommendations for pool specialists would be gratefully received.  Thank you!

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Does anyone know if they know of a mobility scooter mechanic in the limoges region

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Hican anyone recommend a swimming pool installer who covers Corrèze? We are looking to install a fibreglass pool Thankyou 

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Morning all......newbie here....Cathy and I are moving to near Chalus, and am wondering what the best satellite set up for picking up UK tv is in the area ? What size dish is best ? Any box recommendations ? All we have at the moment in what we can pick up on an internal aerial in the mobile home that we have whilst building the house.....CheersDavid

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Good morning,We live in 87130 and have a sunken 2500 litre propane gas tank in the garden, which I would like to get filled during the summer. It was installed by Totalgaz who have now apparently passed on that business to Alvea, however I cannot for the life of me find an Alvea depot in in the Limousin. Does anyone else have this issue, or know where I might source a supplier? Thanks in advance. Nick

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We are currently looking at purchasing a house in Bourganeuf. We have been told that it has a puit Perdu and will cost around 6000 euro to swap to the main drain Does anyone have any information on what this would entail.

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Looking for a truck load of gravel. Looked in Pages Jaune and the only one I see in Rochechouart is not in the middle of town where it is listed. Any quarries nearby that folks know of?? Thanks for any advice or info.

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our property was built 9 years ago. We now have mould on the kitchen walls. We had an agent who instructed a french builder. Who is liable to correct whatever is causing the problem? Are we still covered by the builders guarantee? It is not caused by the house being shut up in the winter

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Hi, We had a carpet cleaned for us in a rental property at Bellac (87300) about a year ago - after asking on this forum. I guess it's a long shot - but we are having a change of tenant and wish to get it done again, but - you guessed it - we no longer have the guy's details! Anyone know of such a service in the area please?

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Hi. I have a 3 cast iron radiators that I want the paint stipped from. Does anyone know if there is someone doing this in this area, please? 

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Hi, has anyone taken out one of the EDF/GDF loans to install heating/insulation/double glazing etc.? If you have, did you have to supply quotes as part of the application, or are there specific tradesmen you are expected to use? I am trying to make sense of the website, but my French isn't really good enough and I can't find any information in English anywhere. Thanks in advance

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Hi, am going to be moving to Peyrelevade, near Lac du Vassiviere, and will need to install a new wood burning stove. Was thinking of buying 2nd hand in the UK and taking it with me, but would want it installed properly. Anyone know anyone that covers that area? Also, wheyher it is worth getting one with a back boiler for water/radiators or if it would be better to get oil-fired or electric central heating? No gas in the house. Would be grateful if anyone has any recommendations thank you

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Hi, I've owned my house for 12 years and the plan is to retire there in about 18 months. I'm trying to make preparations now, but because my house has been a holiday home, it's difficult to calculate running costs. I have yet to buy a cooker and most people I know ( which isn't many) use butane. I'm trying to find out which is the cheapest form of cooking. Propane, butane or electricity? I live alone, so I'm not feeding a family

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Can anybody recommend a good swimming pool installer

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