Carpet cleaning firm?

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Hi, We had a carpet cleaned for us in a rental property at Bellac (87300) about a year ago - after asking on this forum. I guess it's a long shot - but we are having a change of tenant and wish to get it done again, but - you guessed it - we no longer have the guy's details! Anyone know of such a service in the area please?

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Carol-Clark-976722 1605950666

No, i also have done with carpet cleaning but not in that location you are looking for.

Teri-Beavers-977004 1606313398

It's not necessary to do carpet cleaning again but again if you want to do it then try any local cleaners in your location for that work.

Earl-Clark-977295 1606666276

Upholstery Cleaner Rockville offers all such services and have experienced staff, call them if they are in your location.

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