Cautic dip paint stipping?

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Hi. I have a 3 cast iron radiators that I want the paint stipped from. Does anyone know if there is someone doing this in this area, please? 

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Bopeep-513603 1382890777

best way is sand blasting or beads sand and blast do it at your home,

Fraser-504544 1382898068

Thanks Bopeep, but these things are 5 sections deep. I have sand blast equipement but I am not convinced it would penetrate to the middle sections. I think caustic sodar and then high pessure wash would be better.

WALNUT 885 1382905257

fraser its now not legal to use that method if stripping as a business so you may find it hard to find someone


good luck

Fraser-504544 1382908233

Thanks Walnut. I might have to get the sand blaster out then afterall.


tobydog-516886 1382949339

Have the radiators been pressure tested ? . If they are old and have been left empty for some time the jointing between the sections often leak. The radiator has to be stripped down and the sections rejointed. This is the best time to strip the paint.

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