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Hi all, looking at moving to the limousine area. We appreciate some areas will be colder than others mainly due to the altitude of the house where you live. We like creuse but would like to know if anyone in this area finds that wood burners do or don't provide enough heat to be comfortable. Regardss lance 

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john-staples-880211 1520590553

Hi, we have lived in the Creuse for 12 years now. We started off with a Franklin wood burner which was OK but a bit messy. A couple of years later we spotted a nice wood burner in Bricolage Sale It has good capacity for logs up to 20cm long and a large pane of glass for radiation of the heat. most years we use about 4 cord of well seasoned timber which is sourced locally. Hope that helps


Lance-Wallis-879813 1520592918

Hi and thank you for your quick response. We have heard that it can get extremely cold in creuse, I dare say that depends on the altitude of where you live. We have also heard people saying that it is nigh on impossible to hear the old stone houses? We are so looking forward to when we move (5 years ) when I can take early retirement. We want to grow veg and have chickens and maybe a pig now and then. We stayed at la cellette in creuse last year and are planning our trip to limousin this summer. It rained the entire week last year but I believe that was the same for most of France that particular week. Envious of you and if you have been their 12 years it can't be that bad ... regards 

countrydweller 1520593863

I would be looking at a good central heating system as well  insulation to every part of the house double glazing and decent doors

Lance-Wallis-879813 1520596774

I meant " heat " the house not hear lol

mintyonemick 1520617697

We use a log burner with an internal water jacket running 8 rads so the whole house is warm 26 degrees upstairs some nights so we let a bit out lol, uses about 10 cube a year,

Gerrie-515896 1520695066

Hi we have a pellet boiler central heating which runs 9 radiators, we have a stone house and its always toasty as I can't stand the cold. It can be very cold inn the winter and very hot in the summer. Lived here in Bourganeuf for 10 years it's a beautiful place.

Lance-Wallis-879813 1520697652

Hi many thanks for all your replies, does it rain more than in the uk ?

mintyonemick 1520700848

no much less than the uk apart from this winter lol hotter and drier summers

Lance-Wallis-879813 1520702529

Thanks minty, are you in creuse ? If so how high in altitude please .? Everyone tells me it rains so much in limousin 

JB 1520710649

It does. That’s why it’s so green. 

joinfrance 1520753353

I live in the Correze, near Tulle. It usually rains A LOT here, to my mind, much more that the UK, but it tends to be heavier and maybe less days. I have a tiny house and gas central heating, but I have started escaping for a month or so in the winter because it can be extremely cold. -10c is not unusual. I'm only about 300m altitude. It can also be extremely warm. High 30's and even 40c. Summer can be too hot to move...

mintyonemick 1520835882

We are 480 metre's 

mintyonemick 1520835950

sorry north creuse

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