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Hello There,Would it be possible for some information on La Dorat? I have recently just come across the area during a property search and due to COVID, I'm very limited in researching the area.  Any advice and insight would be fantastic.Many Thanks

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bonjour tous. my good lady and I live in a yurt in the department of le morbihan(56) in sunny! brittany. we as many other people who live the same style of life are currently being threatened with eviction and are very interested to hear from anyone in and around limousin who has any info on this subject. our goal is to buy as many woodlands across france as we can afford over the next decade for protecting.this we would do by spending a few months at a time with the yurt on each terrain cutting back well established ivy and creepers and cutting back all the dead branches on the tree's. also with the woodland falling into our hands it shall hopefully stop locals coming in and cutting down the tree's for firewood,which is quite a problem here in brittany,in fact tree's are disapearing at an alarming rate(without replanting). there is hope for us with our current legal battle to permit us to stay on the land whilst we are working it,and possibly a change in french legislation in the near future with regards to yurts,as there is no current legislation specific for yurts and they fall under the classification of camping. we recently came down for a tour of your beautiful region to visit some yurt dwelling folk to find out how the local powers are with people who live the same style of life. we visited a few yurts around lac vassiere(or something similar) in the le creuse and there seemed to be quite a few people living like this or in other eco constructions that do not require planning permission. in general the majority of the folk that we spoke with have had no legal problems at all and believe that this way of life is supported and encouraged in le creuse and often enough in some of the surrounding departments due to the vast amount of space down there. once our work is finished up north we shall be thinking about buying some decidious woodland in limousin or possibly the ardeche before we buy more down near the pyranees. we both, rachel(french) and I Jamie(welsh) work and are trying to aim for our goals little by little.our aim at the moment is to buy a bigger yurt before the next parcel of land,and to win our current legal battle with the state. when we are ready to come down south probably later on this year we shall both be searching for work and would appreciate any help or advice in this field too. rachel is currently working in factories involved with chickens,turkeys etc which is the main source of employment up here,and is not by any means afraid of hard work and is willing to try most things however she would be at her happiest working with animals or plants. myself I am a landscape gardener of nearly twenty years experience and shall be looking for some part time work,also i have helped on quite a few renovations and have good experience in this field too. also if anyone has any decidious woodland for sale or would consider selling some prefably in as remote place as possible,but with vehicle access quite close or you know of anyone who may be;then please email me with details. we do not get to the computer often as we do not yet posess one in the yurt,however will have in the future.so please anticipate a few days delay in my responding to any of your emails. we look forward very much to be sharing that lovely part of the french countryside with you,and look forward to any of your responses. love and light jamie and rachel

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I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great french property listing website that cuts out the expensive french estate agents, worth checking out if your considering purchasing a place :) easyfrenchlife (.) com With the Pound strong against the Euro, it seems like a great time to start a new life in France! Any other sites you can recommend, it would be great to hear! 

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Evening outdoor lovers, Just to lightern the mood up as the tv's rubbish tonight,And the moles are splashing about in the garden annoying me. I was wondering your thoughts on three in a bed,? The tv program about B&B's When i first saw the title of this program i got the wrong idea and said to the "boss" shouldnt that sort of program be on after the watershed? Having been put right, I sat down a watched it, All these bed and breakfast places, Anything from a place run by some of the grumpy single older men who dont cook breakfast but leave a box of cornflakes out to the most costly places on this earth ie B&B at only £195 PER/night. When they're shown the room they'll be staying in, it's all WOW this is fantastic, thank you (as the owner leaves the room and then it starts. The owners go to each others B&B and check it out (See how many public or is pubic hairs they can find on the mattress or staring up at them from the loo seat and the couple who find such hairs jump up and down like they've won the LOTTO. And pull out the shower water trap to see if they can find any hanging hair, "YES YES YES" We've found a beard down there!!!!!! Ive seen some couples who are large stand in the shower built for the average person and moan the showers far to small. Dust above the doorframe etc etc And not enough coat hangers, They dont like towels on the beds, No chocolate sweets, or a mini fridge And then the breakfast, thats a real laugh, anything from owners who can't take four peoples breakfast orders to the customers wanting egg benedict ground coffee and beans, What you dont do beans??????? No we think they are common !!!!!! and they cause you to fart. Or the owners who have a zoo of animals for the guest to play with and enjoy the smell of cats and dogs. Do you think three in a bed is doing the B&B business any favours? And have you stayed in any real odd B&B's ?

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Morning campers, Well its the last day of march today and then we're looking forward to "April" and april showers, Its raining here in dept 23/36 and the wind last night was enough to blow any toupee off, But april's just a day away and we then have april showers to look forward to, I sometimes wonder if Noah had the right idea ref building an ark, Having said that I see B&Q ARE closing stores all over the uk as the DIY trend seems to have died a death, I find nothing wrong with DIY, When you look back in history we've had a few good DIY' folk about, Take Noah's and his Arc, that was a DIY job (and no B&Q tobe seen in those days) the Arc was a success and it's properly floating around the med today and that was an unskilled mans work. Now with all the skills of an army of trades men we built the "TITANIC" !!!! It did'nt last its first voyage? So if you think this weather is heading for the great floods of olden times? Then get your nails etc quick from B&Q , I once had a small narrow boat on the shropshire union cannal and you see loads of craft with all sorts of names on the sides, "THE WEEKENDER?, Rose of my life,  Smiley, The arc, The Belfast, The pacific, But i never did see any called "TITANIC" All these big stores closing makes you wonder . I well remember woollies as one of the favourit stores in Liverpool, one of my past girl friends did leave school and applied to woollies for a job, We sat in her kitchen filling in the application form and when it came to any past responsibilities  she put she was a milk monitor in the junior school, " she got the job " but ended up working for mother care on the security (she was whats called a bouncer ) Yes without really knowing it our own lifes history is in the making But one things for sure and never changes the rain is wet and boy dont we know it.  

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Hello earthy people, Well its sunday the clocks have sprung forward, the weathers wet, all day wet and so i thought i'd go in the greenhouse and talk to my sowings, "But as they've only just about popped their heads out of the compost they only know baby plant talk, I must admit as i walked across the lawn back to the house "It"s a great feeling to have a home of your own and one you really like, Now if i can say this when it's ppppppouring down think how i feel when its a sunny day and the shirt comes off and ive found ive got man boobs, But it is nice to have a garden and a hobby or two. Well the nearest neighbour's away for a few days and so i feed their moggy (cat) SHe's called queeset (I know thats not how you spell it but thats how it sounds & our school teacher alway said Say the word and you'll be able to spell it,) She did go on to say Dizzy it's buck not boooook, how the hell she worked that one out i'll never .know, But at least the cat loves to see me and as i open her vacummed pkt of something dead and chuck it in the bin she knows ive got home cooked chicken and my wifes gravy all in a bag, Who said kindness is dead,,? Will this weather never dry-up? I wouldn't mind but next week all those uk holiday home's lot will be here and our garden looks like their gardens and they've not been here since christmas. Well never mind it's time i went and offered to wash the dishes (always the same answer) ive washed them hours ago. Have a nice day folks .

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Morning all, I cant belived what ive just heard on radio merseyside, It's been said that "dog laws " ref picking up your dogs "defication" (poo)  Are changing fast and the dogs defication will be inspected and tested for  DNA. and if the owner is found a big fined will be deposited his or her way, Can you imagen it, arhhhhhhhhhh here's some dog poo , How the hell are they going to test other dogs to see who the (poo) came frm anyway?   What a waste, I find seeing people picking these (shall we call them DOG LOGS, it sounds better)  these dog logs turns my stomech more than the actual log. The owners pick the mess up and their faces say it all, they  squerm as they fold the bag over the festering contents and if a bin is handy "fine" but if not ?????? It's great having deep pockets (I dont think so) And those dog deposit bins in the middle of shopping arcades is even worse, who ever decided to site a doggy "LOG deposit bin next to a "bentch" !!!!!! as they do i think is proberly the same person who places OAP homes opposit a cemitary, (Oh come and look at your daily view mother, It's  cemitary.) Has the world gone mad or something?      

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Morning folks, Just thought i'd catch you before your off to church !! Ive just been reading the news on the  www and i came across a bit ref a couple who tied the knot in a morrisons supermarket, Now they've gone all the way and done it in the  "wait for it"     Easter egg isle, Had their favourit meal in the stores restaurant curry and chips, Question. Do you agree and think they've done well or do you think these days at very high cost it should only be a church wedding with all the bling that this would entail?? Did you have the full (I was going to say Monty of a wedding but that'll be wrong thing to say) "correction"  full works, and regret paying all that money when the cost could have been spent on other things? Or even better "Did you have an unsual wedding??? (Come on  Ladies its your chance to have your say , After all its your big day !!!!!!!!!!) Did it all go swingingly on the day??

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I was just looking at the news via the inter/net this morning and it got me thinking how age catches you up, ie you read that such and such person has died or is in court awaiting trial, these are the rock gods / the stars of your younger days and the people you may have thought had everything. When i lived near Aldershot I was walking across a carpark to a pub when i noticed this rollsroyce It was a beauty and then the driver gets out and it was "GARY GLITTER". He was at the top of his fame at the time and had the world at his feet when it came to money etc. i WONDER WHAT HE THINKS OF HIS LIFE STYLE NOW, Would he wish he had my life style today?  "FRESH AIR, The garden, the dogs, and of cause a loving caring wife. Have you met anyone famous?

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Evening all, One litle thing about france i would change if i could is the zebra crossing law, As far as i know the motorist has the right of way, (Am i right on this one?) If a person is waiting to cross the motorist dont seem to stop "they just drive on (no matter what the weathers doing)  it could be pouring down and as long as the driver is dry then to hell with anyone any age who's stood at the kerb side trying to cross, But ive found if as a driver you do stop the motorist behind you starts blowing their horn /flashing their lights & giving you dirty looks as the drive past you. Now for the Quiz question,      (this should take you back to the uk and feeling home sick) The lollie pop person that you see outside of schools etc (any place children need safe crossing) Is equipped with (1) the standard lollie pop "that has a sign saying at the top of the round sign  "STOP"  & then a black long strip and under the strip  "CROSSING" Sometimes it may say children crossing but it'll always have the black strip between the stop and crossing . (2) A white or yellow refective coat (3) A hat (?) What is the missing item and what's it use ???? Now this should get you thinking,  

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Hi folks, After the succes of the thread on what famouse people you've met it's only right i should take this one step further and ask this question, If you could, who would you have really liked to have met but didn't And why would you have wanted to meet your choice anyway? (DEAD OR ALIVE) My choice would be "PAUL O'GRADY" and i'll tell you why, Animals for one and the fact without knowing it at the time he lived very near to were i ended up living as a child "Birkenhead" and his life style then was so simulare to mine, ie the housing the streets "even the clubs" and later on during my youth the night life, I never honestly thought much of him when he did the lily savage thing (not my scene) But having read both his books and the tv shows for the love of dogs and his african tv show, I really do feel very much the same ref animals and if anyone knows me they'll tell you my thoughts ref hunting for the sake of killing. I feel he's done so much for the good of all animals and given the chance he is the one person i'd like to shake his hand and have a laugh with him. Well come on folks, it's still not gardening time yet !!!!!!!!!!!! So lets spend our spare time until the weather picks up having a chat and getting to know each other, Who would you like to meet and why?

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When you go into the chemist and ask for "shoulders shampoo" (no need for the head part) Or when you seem to keep saying " HOW MUCH" or When you can remember MARS BARS @ 3/6p Or  When you've a standing order for viagra Or when you say "Im not talking to a machine"       " ring me back" When you cant seem to remember the names on those old photo's  (iT'S ME YOUR WIFE) wearing socks that dont match Or not knowing one record in the top 20 When like the stars come out at night (so do your teeth) Or taking a liking to blue rinse hair, Asking for brylcream next time your in the barbers When your wife wraps a bib around you at dinner time When you can remember petrol at 3/6 per gallon When the tv had one channel BBC Or when the end of the tv programs came and the vicor said a prayer before the big dot appeared on the screen Or when the ragman gave you a gold fish for all those old rags you gave him !!!!!! (off your mothers washing line) When bread was delivered to your door with the day of the week marked on the wrapper, and when you didnt know anyone who had a passport? And when you get your money out of the hole in the wall and then you lean forward bend down and shout into the machine "Thank you"   Anyone got any????  

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We all know that the Russians had a hand in the downing of MK17 directly or indirectly and yet it was announced yesterday that France are still going ahead with the sale of two ships to the Russians - good old France!  I know it will give employment but do we really want to give them the means to attack or support more rebels?

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Could you please tell me your experience of driving around the Peripherique on Saturdays? Is it usually as busy as the rest of the week? Unfortunately from our location we always tend to hit it at lunchtime. We are going up to Zeebrugge, Belgium. Thanks for any input.

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Does anybody know if there is trouble with the Christmas deliveries to and from theUK please? I am missing nearly all my normal Christmas cards from the UK to Limousin and parcels sent to the UK have not been delivered. The Royal Mail website does noty say anything about it, so of course I am worried. Thank you, vanwin

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I would be interested to hear people's views on a) the atrocities that are being carried out by Israel on the population of Gaza this week (as I post some 350 Palestinians have been killed, 100 of which are children and nearly 50,000 made homeless. b) the announcement earlier in the week that police in certain French cities had the right to make pro- Palestinian marches illegal- this thoroughly confused me as I assumed that everything we stood for in the west culminated in the right to political demonstration. This temporary banning is surely representative of the types of practice used by military dictatorships and 'totalitarian' regimes? Jack  

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If  it had been me I would have banned him for longer - he got off lightly.

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I replied to the tread asking what dyslectic  was , as I am ignorant of this . So this is a new thread Regards john 

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