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I know this has been asked before but years ago from what I can see.We have bought a small farm (Renervation project) 2 years ago just about ready to move to France 63330 Auvergne/Limousin border. We will want to register to keep a few animals 2 rare  pigs to breed meat for personal use piglets to sell, meat and egg laying chickens 25ish, turkeys 2-4, Goose as a guard dog, 2-3 milk/meat goats. And we will be growing plenty of our own Veg and Fruit. What's needed. In short we have the building and land what do we need now.Chaptel No   ( from where)Registering for each type of animal ( with whom)We will be looking at growing all on Pasture ( Chicken Tractor, pig tractor) etc very much land friendly Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes style ( or that's the current plan).We are very much open to all advise. We would be in France now had it not been for Covid. Many thanks.

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Hi, We are moving to France shortly, and bringing two Westies with us. Does anyone know of an English speaking vet in the Gueret area? When we want to take the dogs back to England for holidays they need to see a vet within 48 hours of travelling back in order to use their passports, so we need to find someone who can do this, as well as providing for their care long-term. Chris

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We have a great vet, but whilst brilliant with our 4 dogs and cats, I suspect he is not a rabbit specialist.  One of our rabbits has 2 x abcesses, which would need to be surgically removed - does anyone know of a specialist, ideally in the Chalus area?  Thanks.

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Can anyone please telle how to get rid of them. I have tried moth balls poison noises smellies and no effect. I am thinking of using a hose and poisening them with carbon monoxide. Any ideas please... Tone

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Looking for someone to shear our sheep once Spring is upon us. We have 2 males and 3 females. We're next to Chavanat. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Whom has a drone and can help to find 2 lost dogs since 6/2  87330 Mortemar?Please reply on this urgent call if you can help.12 Rue de l'Echauguette 87330 MORTEMART 0555602766 or 07 80 34 97 99 email: arthurstins@outlook.comThank you very much in advance

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Looking for someone willing to transport my beloved princess (small to medium dog), to the North of France heading towards a new home in the uk. i am currently fostering her, and my organisation is looking at ways to get her to the uk, where she has a new home waiting (lancashire). Any help towards this journey and destination would be greatly appreciated. If you are travelling light that way, and willing to help out, would be fantastic. only people who are known or recommended please. 

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Can anyone help with an insurer that can offer Cat 1 & 2 cover on a Mastiff x and a Rottweiler x please? Due to my Mastiff being over 5 years old , I am struggling to find any insurer.  Thanks

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Hello, I have some pretty loud Loir behind the walls in the loft space in my house. No access to them unless I break the walls or climb 5 meters up the building to the roof where theyre getting in. They run around all night making a racket, chewing wires etc. It's become almost unbearable. Has anyone successfully removed them from their house?Thanks all.

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does anyone know how to get onto Bon Coin the french selling and buying site.  I am having problems logging on.  I put in my search, it takes me to the map of the area i am looking in then takes out all my search parameters..  Does anyone else have this problem.  If so please help.

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Hello,Could anyone please recommend a good English speaking Vet. I am located in the Saint Junien, Chabanais, Confolens area and I have used the vet behind Gamm Vert Saint Junien in the past (just up from Pomme Banane) just incase anyone recommends them.Thanks in advance.ADMIN NOTE:If you can help, you must remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of veterinarians must not be posted publicly in the Discussions.

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Please would the English lady with the Blue/Grey Cane Corso puppy who we were speaking to at the Saint-Auvent vide grenier (87310)on Thursday get in contact.If you know this Lady could you be so kind as to pass this message on.Many thanks.

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Hi, I'm aware that the maximum number of animals I'd be able to bring into France from the UK at any one time would be 5. Can anyone recommend a pet carrier that could accommodate 9 animals from the UK to Le Dorat? I have 3 small dogs and 6 cats. Many thanks

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Has anyone had any experience of cats going missing? We have two cats, brother and sister reared from kittens, both are very much home cats but they have both disappeared within the spate of a month. Very concerned, wondered if anyone was in same situation. We are rural, but only in a small hamlet. Not totally rural. Forest behind us, fields to the front. Can wild animals attack them? Thought about snakes also, as our land is very overgrown.Does anyone know if snakes attack? kill?

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Hi All,I am looking to move to the Limousin Region in June and i am wanting to buy however want to rent first and have horses i am therefore looking for a livery yard/land for my horses that would happily all stay together however would need a stable or two. I have 5 one being a stallion ( please do not be put off as he hasnt been used and lives with mares so very well behaved)I would attend to them everyday just wondered if anyone has land/yard/stables they wish to rent? Happy to provide fencing/stables and also happy to muck out/help with other peoples horses ( especially if you want to go away!)Please could you get in touch if you have or know of anything open to suggestions.Many thanks. 

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HelloAny suggestions where to buy a good sized Hen house to accommodate @ 7 large breed hens ( one being a cockerel) all we see for sale here are tiny housing wise,  and would not fit 2 of our girls  ....we are located outside Gueret  Any info much appreciated :-) 

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My friend's dogs have gone missing from just outside of Busserolles, they were last spotted on the Busserolles - Bussiere Badil road at 3.00pm. One is a Irish wolf hound and other is a lassie type collie,  both very friendly but nervous.  Any sightings please can you telephone me 0555003664.

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Looking for someone to look after dogs at weekends usually Sat & or Sundays while we attend shows with our other dogs - easy & regular work. We are in the  Creuse areaOccasionally for longer if we go away for a week or so Thank you very much :-) Please PM for further details 

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