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Whom has a drone and can help to find 2 lost dogs since 6/2  87330 Mortemar?Please reply on this urgent call if you can help.12 Rue de l'Echauguette 87330 MORTEMART 0555602766 or 07 80 34 97 99 email: [email protected] you very much in advance

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PaulGJ 1518458498

Dear all,

Miracles does happen, my girls are back, tin and
tiered. Mia was spotted by my neighbour in Mortemart and Fleur has been
seen in woodland between Mortemart and Montrol Senard and he was called
that a black dog was seen but they could not catch here. Whe went to
this area and after I called her she came to me, what a wonderfull
I thank everybody for there support and prayers to bring them home
Love xxx

livingthepeace 1518519588

So glad to hear they've come back. With hunters shooting anything that moves,  and drivers driving at breakneck speed, it's a surprise anything survives out there.

Big hugs and kisses to them both.

mintyonemick 1518521145

Great new and Liningthepeace why do you think the french shoot every thing that moves, they actually shoot to a code and a quota,its people like you that spread ill feeling against the chasse,that is not warranted

livingthepeace 1518602900

Try telling that to my dead cat and my neighbour's 2 dead cats. ALL of them shot by hunters who actually admitted it.

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