Anyone play at the St Junien golf club

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If so what are the green fees please? Do you have to book a tee time?Cheers

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Hello, me again the farmer, St J golf club charges weekday and weekend rates,played once recently after a long lay off, 26 euros for 9 holes!!!

Not sure if you are aware, but there is a 9 hole course under construction in Mortmart. They are hoping to open 6/7 holes in Sept! They have been held up with the wet spring and summer. Plans are in for a further 9 in the next couple of years.

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here's their link

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Do you have any contact details for the Mortemart course, or any other info about it, such as its location in/near Mortemart, whether there is a pro etc? I can't seem to find much on the internet about it. Many thanks.

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This is the best I can do, hope it helps.

Golf de Mortemart
sur la carte interactive
87300 Mortemart
Tél : 05 55 60 45 16

Ouverture en septembre 2007. 9 trous, 45 ha. Prestations touristiques à proximité. Contact : Monsieur Nicolas Balotte.

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Thanks very much Sable, that's great!

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