Brive Rugby Club - Where to park

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Arthur 52



I am going to Brive Rugby Club tomorrow to watch Brive play Gloucester. Could anyone please recommend where to park my car. Thank you.

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Spectre 1421852174

Last time we went there we parked in the underground car park in town and walked - it's only about 20 mins.  Follow the Avenue du 11th November 1918 on the east side of town (easy to see on Google maps). We did see the odd parking space on the side roads but to be honest I wouldn't trust my car not to get scraped along there.  We saw Brive beat Toulouse in September and the only person sent off was Toby Flood - lol.  Enjoy.

Arthur 52 1421856998

Many thanks Keyahnu, looking forward to it!

DJC-509176 1421866064

When we have been there we parked behind the large Multiplex cinema on the Malemort Road. We go down the road between the large supermarket and the cinema / conference centre. One minute's walk towards the river, cross the bridge, and the ground is a couple of hundred metres walk to your left. When we were there the cafe down the side of the supermarker was definitely a rugby bar / cafe.

Arthur 52 1421918134

Thank you very much DJC, sounds good.

john.rilhac 1421942500

When we go there, we always get parking at

 45.164232°    1.553850°

It's free and very near the ground.

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