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Fishing Clubs I have just moved to the Haute Vienne from Normandy. Whilst in Normandy I helped start up the Anglo Normandy Angling Club. It covered the 3 departments in Lower Normandy as well as the Mayenne. We used to meet at least once a month for a friendly competition and it got us to fish a number of different locations. Having moved into the area known as a thousand lakes I wonder if anyone else would be interested in doing the same here. In Normandy we were a registered club and had a number of friendly matched against French teams plus being invited to several matches outside the area,  I have a small one and half acre lake that could be used to start off any meeting if people are interested.

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Hi Tuppence,

Certainly very, very interested. I live at the top of Haute Vienne, near La Souterrain.

tuppence-538183 1376740524

The lake in question is in Roussac 87140. There is easy access and parking.

Bopeep-513603 1376767974

our friends fish the lake at camping les boueix 23320 you could try there,


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Hi Tuppence

I moved over just before Xmas last year not done any coarse fishing for a lot of years. I lived near to Bridlington in Yorkshire so spent the last few years sea fishing but would love to wet a line still got my old gear. Please get in touch with more details if and when it happens I am about 45 mins from your lake.



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For those interested in fishing.

I am in UK at the moment but will be over next week. Please pm me on email and I will get back to you. I will be fishing sometime next week at least twice. I am returning to the UK on the 2nd of September but will be back.

If anyone is interested to come and try the lake,again pm me and I will arrange a visit with you.



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Hey up guys,

I posted a dit yesterday about a knock-up this coming Thursday (angloinfo Dordogne) A bit further south in Nord Dordogne. 8 places, any method, light banter a must, 15e all in. Anyone interested ?

Tincas to double figures, silvers to 2 lb, and some rather large dog carp !!

russ t.

tuppence-538183 1378213146

I must apologize for not responding to those that contacted me re the fishing.

Our internet connection and telephone has been out of order now for nearly 3 weeks andOrangeFrance and France Telecom cannot seem to find the cable that is causing the fault.

I have now returned to theUKbut will be back at the end of September for a few days.

I will be inFrance from the end of November for good as I have now decided to retire for a second time.

I fished the lake 3 times last week and had good sport catching the carp, roach, perch and also a surprise, sunfish. I do not know how they got into the lake. They are a pest and very small and tend to swallow the hook.

If any others are interested starting up  a club PM me and I promise I will reply.


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If anyone is interested in a day out I will be over on Thursday 26th for 5 days. I will be fishing myself  with a friend on Friday all day I hope. Will have space for at least 6 others. The lake is at Roussac. PM me for more details. Parking is available.


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I am now in France permanently and have been working on the lake with a friend. There is now more room to fish. Next winter I will be doing a lot more to the lake putting in platforms and sorting out the drainage that is required by the French water police!!!

Fishing is free and we operate a no kill policy apart from the sun fish that have to be removed.

There is a BBQ on site for anyone to use all I ask is that you respect my property and do not leave litter on line. There is a dustbin on site.

I hope to arrange a match at some point as there is room for at least 20 persons (this would be as the French fish matches, close together).

Apart from the fish already mentioned there are tench (small at the moment) and soon there will be bream.

Anyone interested PM me

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I went to a superb lake the other day at Brillac 16500 just over the border from the 87 where they do no kill fishing for 10 euros a day.  Run by Steve who is an excelent guy.

If you google lake brillac it wil show their site and contact details


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Hi guys, I have a small 2 acre lake I have been doing up and stockig the last few years. Eventually I'm hoping to run it for fishing holidays but can't until the house is finished. In the meantime people would be welcome to come and have a fish in exchange for a few pictures. We have carp to 30lb and a 39lb cat came out a few weeks ago.

near pompadour in the correze

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Hi tuppence 

If this thread is still monitored give me a buzz fancy joining club for social like minded anglers. Have  small lake on site can be used for matches carp to low doubles. 


tuppence-538183 1482401110


We are up and running now and have had 2 matches at the lake that was enjoyed by all. The club is registered as Roussac Amicale Peche Societe, RAPS, for short. We are associated with the local Marie and tourist office. This allows us to use the communes marquees and tables and chairs. There is a web site on Facebook. Most of the people who fish are French although there are a few English speakers. For 2017 I propose to hold 4 matches at the lake and am trying to get backing from local commences. If you are interested keep in touch. 

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Hi tuppence

Unable to pm you ,is it possible you could message me on on up coming matches   or anything relevant to angling. 


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