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I have been having a great time fishing the Vienne just downstream of Aixe but so far have only had one carp amongst countless barbel, although the carp was a nice 20lb fish and I have had barbel to 7lb. Can anyone help this relative newbie to the river identify any stretches where either the carp to barbel ration might be higher, or the barbel might be bigger? Whilst walking round Ladignac plan d'eau I met a chap who was carp fishing and we subsequently met again whilst I was fishing at Moulin de Tarn just outside Aixe. Unfortunately we did not exchange contact details either time, but it seems as if he is on a similar quest to myself. It would be great to make contact so we could share our experiences.

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suemiller 1444067220

Hi Taz,

Interested in this fishing spot - is access reasonable and is there a fee - or does the normal fishing permit cover it?


Taz-507573 1444068785

Access to the Vienne is very easy. Just follow the D32 west of Aixe sur Vienne towards St Yrieix sous Aixe or N21 east towards Limoges. There are loads of access points that can be seen easily from the road.

The Vienne is a category 2 river so can be fished all year round so long as you have a Carte de Peche.  

There are loads of silver fish and barbel are prolific but do not run to anything like the size they do in the UK. Catfish and river carp are present but not in all parts of the river so you need to find them by fishing......  I've also seen plenty of pike and know that zander and trout can also be caught (but not by me so far (-:.

suemiller 1444069545

Many thanks Taz,

As soon as it stops raining for a day I will be there.  Regards Ian

seashore-10052757 1444077152

Not fishing in the rain? Why ignore one of nature's biggest helping hands?

vicsinfield 1446302317

Hi Taz

very interested to hear that you have had Barbel to 7lb, I too have been fishing the area downstream of Aixe for about a year. Unlike  yourself I have been targeting Barbel, but after catching dozens of fish to 5lb had started to believe this was as big as they get. Please don't take this the wrong way, but did you weigh the fish. If they do grow bigger that gives me the incentive to carry on in the hope of getting better fish.

As for finding more Carp, the only help I can give, it's that I,ve been fishing the faster water for the Barbel and have had around a dozen Carp up to 13lb, I have hooked a couple of much bigger fish, but even with my Barbel rod, 10lb line and braided hook length, they have belted of down stream and used the fast water to shed the hook.

The other problem with fast water is the amount of snags, I have lost a fair number of feeders. if your interested I would be happy to meet up and share what info I have. I have fished mainly in the night fishing stretch and up to the weir.


Taz-507573 1446391000

Hi Vic. Have sent you a PM

plumb-1000284 1449168322

hi taz

have not got aound to fishing the vienne yet but if you fancy some company i am over for couple of weeks in april.


Taz-507573 1449175705

Hi Mark,

Message me and I'll definitely be up for it.


MrPayne92 1451690845

Hi taz.

Ive also seen your post on another forum. I'm out fishing for 10 days end of January. Working on the house during the day and fishing at night. I know that the temperatures are dropping off So not sure whether I will be on the vienne or the chaban. Have just renewed my carte de peche this evening. Going to fish the vienne at exidieuil or Confolens as they are the main if not only night fishing bits on the river near to me at saulgond. There was a guy that was posting stuff on another forum who also lives in saulgond but do not know who he is. 

I did a couple of nights on the chaban end of October and had 5 all around 17lb mark. Great fun and virgin mint fish.

I'm on Facebook if you wanted to add me up. Would be good to swap ideas and suggestions.


Edward Payne

plumb-1000284 1457771716

Hi derek.
April is upon us and we are out begining of, drop me a line on my gmail
Ill bring couple feeder rods out,

Wendy-Smith-852310 1457890247

Hi Derek, Sorry for gate crashing this discussion. Myself and my husband have a holiday home south of Limoges and I bought him a fishing permit for all areas for Xmas. We are coming over for Easter next week for 10 days and we are wanting to go and try and fish some of the rivers and lakes. We are thinking of trying the river at Aixe and wondered if you could give us abit more info. Are you able to just set up anywhere along the river wherever you can park your car? Any help would be appreciated. Kind Regards Wendy.

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