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I have recently moved into the area and am looking for some PIKE fishing. I am not interested in carp or anything without teeth. I am a sponsored, semi proffessional angler and an ex EA bailiff when i was in the UK. I don't have much money but can offer labour around the lake/water as bank and land maintenance is my forte in return for letting me fish your lake/water. If you wish to talk to me please call me. Thanks

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Le-Dolly 1387132366

"I have recently moved into the area", which area would that be? If we presume Limousin, then it is only a tad smaller than Welsh Wales. For someone with limited coin, you maybe want to reduce the area in which you search.

honda650-509341 1387135313

If you buy a yearly fishing permit from any tackle shop, you will be able to fish the Creuse and Vienne rivers,( about 80€) im sure wherever you are, they wont be too far. You may pick up some zander and large cats, but pike are there too.


Roobs&Co 1387141775

Threre is also the Haute Charente lakes near Massignac close to the Limousin border. They can be fished with a CdP and CH stamp. Just be aware though that the predator season is coming to a close.

Bopeep-513603 1387182045

save your licence money till next year, most big lakes with pile in them are now shut, you may find a private lake thats not stream of river fed thats still open but they are thin on the ground, if you are looking for moster stuff ask at your local tackle shop or get a boat and fish the huge barrages and big rivers.

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