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Hi, I am about to start back into fly fishing again. I have my carte de peche for all of France. I prefer rivers to lakes. Do any of you have advice on where to go for my first few sorties that are easily accessible. My neighbour, who has only just started to learn the art, will be coming along with me so some space to allow for wayward casting would be helpful too. We live on the borders between Vienne, Haut-Vienne and Indre.Thanks in advance.

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Gavinetflo 1500492778

Good evening Paul

By coincidence we are relocating next month (Perigueux - Limoges) in no small part for the the fly fishing!

Drop me a PM post September and I shall be happy to assist you, the area in question is rich with suitable rivers / parcours.

Paul-FPT 1500561892

Cheers Gavin. Its circa 100 mile journey for me but could be incorporated into a weekend trip with the fine ladies etc :-)

Gavinetflo 1500653372

In the meantime go into the premier online resource for all things fly fishing in France...

Paul-FPT 1500893121

Hi - I am planning on my first trip to a local river tomorrow evening. I have my annual carte de peche (for all departments) but I am confused as to what to do next. Is there a day ticket or something else that I need to pay to allow me onto a particular water? I dont see anything that indicates that I do but I'd hate to be on a water without having paid for a ticket.

Gavinetflo 1500916950

The vast majority of rivers here are classified as public, so if you see no signs indicating the contrary then you are good to go. 

Catch & release (no kill) is happily, slowly but, surely gaining traction thus you may come across signs indicating that also (typically barbless hooks and immediate release).

A lot of hatches coming off at present so good luck, enjoy and "tight lines".

Paul-FPT 1500964492

Cheers Gavin - One more question, if I may. What are the regulations concerning access
to a river? Is it a case of asking the landowner adjacent to the river
for permission to enter his property to get to the river? Has he/she the
right to refuse me? Any advice much appreciated.

Oldbury 1501005205

ask Tony Scott, he teaches fly fishing. (0)5 55 78 79 62.

Gavinetflo 1501048542

This simple, clear summary should clarify things for you, the fees are a wee bit out of date now but, the rest remains valid...

You are entitled to fish along the bank of a public river provided you obtain a fishing permit (see below).

Unless otherwise specified by agreement, no third party has the right to fish on a private stretch of water that runs through privately owned property.

However, where the river or stream is publicly owned then owners are required to permit fishing, to those with a fishing licence, and to leave a space of 3.5 metres wide along the river bank for right of passage and fishing stations. This space can be reduced to 1.5 metres by the local préfecture.

However, in order to gain access to the river it may be necessary to go across private property for which the consent of the owner must be obtained and can be refused!

Fishing Licences

Fishing licences in France are controlled by local voluntary fishing associations, acting on behalf of the government.

These local associations, called Association Agréée de pêche et de protection des Milieux Aquatiques (AAPPMA), are responsible not only for collection of the licence fee, but also limited management of the local watercourses and lakes, to ensure they are properly maintained and regulated.

The various local associations operate as part of a departmental federation, which in turn are linked to regional structures!

To obtain a carte de pêche/permis de pêche you can normally find them distributed through local tabacs, sport shops, or on-line through the website the AAPPMA at Cartedepeche

There are different types of fishing licence, and the cost of the licences varies slightly by department.

-A Carte Annuelle for an adult costs between €70 and €100 and between €10 to €20 for a minor.

-There is also a special licence for women called Découverte Femme, which costs around €30.

-You can also buy a fishing licence for holidays, called Carte Vacances which costs around €30 and which is valid for 7 consecutive days.

-The Carte Journalière costs around €3 for a day’s fishing.

The cost of the licence includes a tax, called the Cotisation Pour les Milieux Aquatiques (CPMA).

The licence is issued personally, and it requires photo identification on it.

Fishing Rights

The licence grants you the right to fish in all waters managed by the association, and in all public waters (rivers and canals) anywhere in France.

For fishing in watercourses and lakes managed by other associations outside of the department, it is possible to pay a supplement to do so, on the basis of reciprocal agreements that exist between many of the departmental associations.

The licence grants no right to fish in free flowing waters (eaux libres) from privately owned land, unless the owner has otherwise granted consent for members of the local association to do so. The definition of such waters has frequently been a source of uncertainty, dispute and legal action.

Needless to say, captive water on private land (eaux closes) is completely outside of the framework of any fishing rights.

Fishing Season

As with la chasse, there are controls on when you can fish, what and how much you can catch.

There are two types of waters containing different species of fish, which determines the fishing season for each one.

In the more oxygenated waters of the 1ère catégorie (containing primarily trout) the season normally runs from the second week of March to the 3rd week of September.

In the less free flowing waters of the 2nde catégorie it is generally possible to fish throughout the year, except for pike, which is only authorised between 1st May and the last Sunday in January.

There are also controls on the size of fish and the quantity that can be taken away, about which you would need to consult with your local association.

You must also respect the hours permitted for fishing during the day, which is normally half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. Accordingly, night fishing is generally not permitted, but with exceptions.

Paul-FPT 1501168469

Great posts everyone and thank you all

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