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Hi anyone got any info on a good rifle shooting gun club near Rochechouart

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borjastick-512278 1480599757

What sort of shooting do you want? There is a gun club at Rochechouart which mainly offers compak/sporting/trap. I am a member there and do lots of trap shooting all over the region during the season.

If you want more info please email me.

Brin1001 1480601108

Hi Borjastick,

Sorry I should have said .22 target shooting is what I am looking for, do you or anyone know of any gun club with a range in the Rochechouart area.

borjastick-512278 1480705268

google the gun club at Rochechouart, and contact them (Cyril) and they may be able to point you in the right direction or google stands de tir limousin and you'll find some clubs and their web sites. Have a stroll through them and you should find something to suit.

Alternatively come and join the real fun with a twelve bore doing some real shooting!!!

Brin1001 1480709925

Thanks Borjastick will see what I can find out.

As for real shooting I did have a 12 bore in the UK, I used to shoot rabbits on the farm owned by Ken Bates the Chelsea FC chairman, I gave it to a gunshop in UK as I didn't think I would need it in FRance, problem is I now have coypu to remove from my lake.

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