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Hi, can anyone tell me when the hunting season starts in the Haute-Vienne? It's my first autumn here and I'd to know when I have to brace myself!

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It varies depending on the animal.  Follow this link and download the .pdf for your area and it will show the various dates applicable. 1377610359

Thanks for that.


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Most of them started last week saw at least 5 different chasse out and about;, 1377678179

I checked on the link and it says September 8th for ouverture in Haute-Vienne.

There's hardly any obvious wildlife in my area, so the chasse appears to be very effective. It would be extremely arrogant to arrive in another country and want to change aspects of their culture, but I'm wondering how the general trend is, whether there are more or less chasse packs and events than before. I do hope that over time the practice starts to dwindle.

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In essence the hunting season starts this weekend the first weekend in September. Any hunts seen recently were probably practice hunts, designed to get the dogs going again. I am an active clay pigeon shooter here, it's called Ball Trap (sounds painful). You may have seen signs for BALL TRAP during the summer, the season ends this weekend. I will be going along with perhaps 200 other shooters for this final BIG BANG weekend to Excideuil.

Anyone who wants to come along and see what Ball Trap is all about make your way there, it is down at the bottom of town on the footie pitches. Saturday afternoon and all day sunday.

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