Jogging Group -anyone interested?

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I have joined a local (St.Yrieix La Perche) running club which is great, but they only meet once a week at my (steady away) level and although I have been going out jogging alone thought it would be nice to try and start an informal group of jogging partners at a similar level to myself.  I would like to meet twice a week where we could jog for about an hour including a little warm up and some stretching exercises and cool down at the end, nothing too strenuous, so really only running for about 40 minutes at a nice easy pace. I am 50 and although have run for years since moving here and with all the stress of getting here have run very little for approx 6-8 months.  Very flexible with times, ideally meeting within a 30 minute drive of St Yrieix, perhaps same place or trying different ones? So far have found Lac d'Arfeuille a good base but open to ideas. Definitely not looking for race/competitive element, just some supportive and encouraging/motivating running partners, English/French male or female runners welcome, even beginners who just fancy a try.  In England I was in a similar style group and people turned up as and when they could, sometimes there might be 20 or so other times just 2 or 3, no pressure no obligation, time and place was e-mailed out weekly and you either went or not depending your availability. Often the faster ones ran ahead and looped back to join the slower ones but the last one was never left alone. It was a lovely group that would then occasionally meet up for a meal too so made some very nice friends.  Please join the thread with any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Jacqui. 

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