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hi all, my wife and I have recently bought a house and small lake in the haute vienne, I'm looking for some advice on  the correct way to drain a lake,when and how often it should be done and how to deal with unwanted invasive species, I'm a keen angler but never had anything to do with looking  after a lake! Any advice would be much appreciated thanks 

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Polarengineer 1518763809

I have seen a lot of posts on this subject and also heard of many problems with authorities. You can't go far wrong if you check in with your local marie and get real advice. There are many regulations involved.

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Some lakes have to be drained every 5 years some never it depends on your licence and what its listed as, if its listed as a fish farm then you need a change of use to be able to fish it, you must get permission to drain it and the fines are very high if you dont, as for invasive species sun perch or poison chatte just dig a hole and get rid as for other fish the fish farmers will buy them & ragondin the local chasse will get rid of them for you, you need to speak to the marie the gaurd de perche and the prefecture, they should give you all the info you need regarding your lake also what you can and cannot stock and outlet sizes and sluice grid size, stocking the wrong fish and grill sizes can also carry fines so start off on the right foot not the wrong one,

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thanks for the replies guys!

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You could also join

Syndicat des etangs de la haute vienne. The have an english speaking officer who will be able to give you all the legal adive. tel no is 0587504190

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We have a fishing club, Roussac Amicale Peche Societe, see us on facebook.

We hold several friendly matches each year. 

PaulGJ 1519021594

Where is you lake in the Haute Vienne?

Aaron-liddle-922498 1519024330

we are a few minutes away from domps

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