Motocross people?

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Hi there, Just wondering if any one in the Limousin area is into or rides motocross bike,? A friend is visiting in a month and bringing his 2 new KTMs down and hopefully get some practice in, It would be nice to get some information on tracks etc   Many thanks Rich

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Moto cross championships are held every August in Ahun 23150, I am sure they would be able to give you the info you need

Sorry, it's the best I can do!

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Where abouts are you?

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Hi, Im in Champsac 87,

Iv spoke to the track at cussac and we should be able to go there on one sunday, but it will be nice to fit a few more tracks in, (were up for travelling an hour)


Also they mentioned you need a french MTX licence / card for insurance reasons?



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We live in cussac 87 not far from you and my Dad rides when he comes over, also we know a couple who have used their GPS a few times. Im sure they would be happy to take you out for a spin in the local area. Is that what you are after? When is your friend coming over?



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Thanks that would be good,

He is coming in the middle of October (dates not confirmed yet)

Id just like to make sure he can spend a few days on some tracks considering he's driving all this way with 2 bikes,




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Guests are coming on the 25th october for a week,




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great, my friends are happy to go riding with them. They live in cussac, do you want to IM me with your number to arrange something on a later date? There is motorcross going on in cussac on the 7th oct incase you are interested.


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Ok thats brill, im not sure if the IM worked so please may you email me on




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