New Triathlon Club - St Yrieix La Perche

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Our Triathlon Club has now been up and running for 6 months and is proving very successful.  We're always looking for new members to come and join us though!  If you would like to improve your health, fitness and have lots of fun in this exciting sport then why not come along and give it a try? We have all ages in our Club ranging from 8 through to 61 and have just as many female members as male so everyone is welcome regardless of your ability or experience.  Complete beginners through to experienced triathletes form part of our team so training is adapted to everybody.  You do not have to be super fit to join us!  We aim to have fun whilst training for all three disciplines - swimming, cycling, running.  You can choose to be competitive and take part in competitions with us or you can simply join us for the pleasure of training with a group of like-minded people.  There's no pressure! No Club fees.  All training free.  You simply have to obtain your Triathlon Club Licence but we can help you with that - it's simple.  Most importantly we have a great mixture of French and English members so it's also a superb opportunity for you to integrate and improve your language skills! If you fancy checking us out take a look at either our website or our Face Book page Or just contact me for more details.  We have 5 training sessions per week for adults (though you're not obliged to attend them all!) and seperate training sessions for children. You'll have great fun AND look amazing!

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le cheyroux 1364562847

Hi,  we have just moved to france and i have a 16 year old son  who is interested in joining  your club . could you please advise us on the best way forward ,cheers for now regards John Rudge 

Wanderlust-509703 1364581455

Hi John

Thanks for enquiring about the Club.  I've sent you a private e-mail with more info.

Best regards


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