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Hi We live near Chalus and wondered if there were any free water swimming sessions or open water swimming sessions at any of the lakes locally.  If anyone knows of any events or clubs would be great to know. Thanks

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mintyonemick 1439486228

Most of the big lakes do open water swimming but alot are closed at the moment because of blue green alge so you need to check and read the local lake notice boards.

Oldbury 1439488693

there is very little if any organised open water swimming, though there are lakes and rivers you can swim.

I'm more a pool person, doing 4Km a day if you want to get intouch.

Shazzy-10044490 1439544510

Hi, Oldbury can I ask where is the pool you use? Thanks

Oldbury 1439556448

messaged you. Plenty of pools hereabouts, though the opening times leave something to be desired. Look for piscine municipal on your PC.

Oldbury 1439558057

look at 'open water swimming in Europe'. Deacon 1  - last swim in the Haute Vienne was at Vassiviere on 4th July

Deaconl1 1439561906

Thanks will do.  My husband currently swims in the new Pool in Limoges most of the time.

Deaconl1 1439563122

Thanks for the tip have found a swim in September at Lac St Pardoux on this stie and an email where I can get info.

borjastick-512278 1439750619

Try the lake at St Mathieu. From Cussac towards St Mathieu it's on the right down the bottom of a hill just before you get to St Mathieu. Very nice water, changing room, free to use, cafe etc.

miss limousin 1440596702

Ah, thanks for that info about algae. I wondered why the local lake was closed for swimming at present. I thought it was something to do with water saving. That place near St Mathieu sounds good.

yorkshirepudding-396727 1440684954

Is skinny dipping allowed?

Oldbury 1440710412

As previously commented (but strangley removed) St Mattieu is too small and is currently closed for swimming because of the algae content..

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