Shotgun transportation to France

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Hi, I'm moving to Limousin shortly and want to take my shotgun and air rifle with me. Can anyone help with the procedure? Do I need an export licence of sorts for both these guns?Where do I get it from?Can it be shipped with furniture removal truck?What about cartridges?Does customs/ferry operator need to be advised? I can't seem to get a straight anser anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Big Mal.  

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lady ann 1357305998

We transporter our guns to france we had to phone our local fire arms officer then they send you a form which is for exporting the license lasts a year i think it called european arms license i,ll will try and dig paperwork out ,also we were not going back to uk we had to give our uk license up 

cheers ann 

bigmal-885121 1357306933

Thanks Lady Ann.

I've applied for the export license. Any further info re ferry/customs/removal company/ would be great. Thanks for your help.

lady ann 1357319980

what we did was bring guns in van and had cart. in the back also license with us as guns were in my husbands name i think the guns have to be with you not anybody else as they are your responsabilty cheers ann 

arthursmith-508150 1357339641

I had to tell the ferry company that I would be carrying guns, and also drive into the customs area even if I wasn't requested to so that I could let them know I was carrying guns.

It was a very smooth procedure with customs, and the ferry company gave me my own line at the docks, had me first on and first off which was great.

I was told that the guns could be in the boot, but ammo had to be in the car, seperate from the guns, but nobody checked.

I was also told that I had to hand my car keys in to the Purser on the ferry, but I couldn't find him, and again nobody checked.

bigmal-885121 1357391835

Many thanks to you both. It's a great help. Best regards.

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