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terry k



Hi is there anyone out there like me who loves to ski, but does not like to ski alone, I have skied for the past 30 years, but having lost my partner this year I am wondering if anyone would like to form a skiing group all ages all abilities it could be fun.  

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SimonRoxy 1378735206

Where abouts do you ski, I have my brother who is looking to ski when not at work.

terry k 1378736754

Hi Simon, I have skied all over Europe, but as I now live near Limoge its easier in the alps or the pyrenees. I think the resort would have to be dependant on the abilities and funds of the group if we can get it together.

Grumpy-505572 1378746113

From Limoges you can get to the slopes of Mont Dore and Super Besse and back again to Limoges quite comfortably in a day!

terry k 1378803109

Hi Grumpy.

Yes I understand that, but they are quite small resorts. So again I say it would depend on the group we could get together and where they wanted to go. So the first step would be to get all the people who are interested together for a chat and go from there.

Captain Tumbles 1378837751

Sounds a great idea.  Don't dismiss Mont Dore and Superbesse, they are fine to ski a couple of days and are considered to have the 3rd best off piste skiing in Europe.  Last time I went it was €12 for an afternoon pass, brilliant value, we had a fab time with great snow.

terry k 1378888740

I am not dismissing Mont Dore, as I said lets try and get a group together first and go from there

tuppence-538183 1378960383

I am interested. I have not been skiing for a couple of years. I live about an hour away from the Massif Central near Bellac. In the UK at the moment but will be over for good end of November

Oldbury 1378984552

Mont Dore and SuperBesson have limited skiing, OK for the day perhaps. I've given up Alpine but still do Nordic - recommend you give that a try if you havemn't already.. There are some good tracks near Mont Dore and free-skiing too. If you're interested get in touch OK.

If you get a group together ask if anyone wants to buy some very good skis and boots, please. Details available!


terry k 1379008274

Ok tuppence keep in touch, lets try and get a few more. A mixed group of about 10 would be good

Greyling 1379015271

I am definately interested as have not skied for over 15 yrs and would love to start again.

We are buying a property near Chalus / Limoges and should be there by the end of September.

paulg-500974 1379017038


I go to the Mont Dore frequently, every year. Usually I take my daughter, but would like the odd day there for a little more taxing skiing. Ive also skied SuperBesse, and think it worthwile going over the top to ski there for the day.

I tend to only ski a day, or weekend at the most as other holidays take priority.

 I am near La Souterraine, so anyone from this area, perhaps we could car share.


terry k 1379054467

Ok folks keep it going it's looking like we might make this happen. So I suggest we have a meeting in a couple of weeks time and possible plan a weekend in Mont Dore so that we can get to know one another and each others abilities and go from there. I have a complete set of ladies gear if it would help anyone, boots, skis,jacket etc. all small size.

I also live at Chalus Greyling so we can meet up easily. And you Paulg don't live too far from tuppence.

bamboo-515355 1379178890

Hi I too have a pair of mens ski boots for sale size 8 .Posted under classifieds Thanks

terry k 1379328222

Tuppence says he will be over for 5 days and Greyling expects to be here by the end of the month, so I suggest a meeting on Saturday the 28th Sept. at the small restaurant next to the main entrance of Cora supermarket junction 29 on the A20 at 2pm

jenato 1379332075

Hi Terry K. I am a keen skiier and would be interested in meeting up for a chat with other like-minded people. I'm not far from Chalus, too, so let me know if you organise a get-together.

terry k 1379333560

Ok Jenato just follow the thread, but as you and Greyling are in the Chalus area I normaly go to the restaurant FEUILLARDIERE in Bussiere Galant Gare by the bridge for fish and chips on a friday about 7pm SO if you want to meet up over fish and chips just ask for me at the bar

tuppence-538183 1379969081

I will be over for this coming weekend. Is the meeting still on at the restaurant next toCora on Saturday

bambiiann9 1379983372

Hi Terry k just following your thread and sounds good,'s centurys' since I skied and I'm very there a cut off age or are you ok? I'd be back to basics really. I'd need to 'borrow' ski's and boots also, female, feet size 5&half....any of the others female or are u all male?

I live near Excideuil so not too far away

Kind regards

Greyling 1380014790

hi I will not be in the area quite yet for a meeting but am still interested. Ps bambiiann9 I am female also and have not skied for about 15 years.

terry k 1380017881

Hi everyone it's getting better. It looks like an even split so far male/female which will make it far more compfortable for all,

Hi Greyling no one else has responded about the meeting at Cora, but I will be there at 2pm sat 29th sitting outside, no rose in my hair though.

terry k 1380018606

Hi Bambiiann9, There is no age limit as far as I am concerned as I am no spring chicken myself though not over the hill yet.

I am happy to help anyone to get their ski legs back.

I have a complete wardrobe of Ladies ski wear, boots and skis, fit a small lady about 5' 2" you can contact me direct.

bambiiann9 1380034824

Hi Greyling that's good to know I'm not the only 'gal' or 'rusty skier'...hope we can all meet up in the future and get skiing


honda650-509341 1380066704

Im afraid Im away this weekend.

If you sort anything concrete, I would appreciate if it can be posted on here.




tuppence-538183 1380095608

I will be there. May be a little late as seeing someone off at the airport.

terry k 1380100497

I am also seeing my daughter off from limoges on the 1.45pm stanstead flight.

If you are talking of the same flight we could meet there first.

You can e mail me direct if you want.

terry k 1380297034

As only Tuppence has agreed to meet on Sarurday at Cora and we will be meeting earlier at the airport anyway, then I shall not bother to go either unless I get any other responces.

d-pixie-570421 1380306062

I guess quite a few of us are interested in a skiing trip but we're too far away to make the meeting - it's an hour for us.  If a few of you manage to have an idea of when and where to go perhaps you could post it here for us to see.  Many thanks.

terry k 1380555363

I have been in contact now with 3 other parties who are interested in forming a ski group, we are looking at Andorra in February so if anyone else is interested in joining us please post a reply.


Shiels-898065 1380559583

Can highly recommend the Sport Hotel in Andorra - excellent and not far from lifts..........


paulg-500974 1380563862


Sorry, but Im out.  Just days and weekends for me at the Mont Dore, so have fun, and ide recommend the Sport Hotel in Soldeu also.



terry k 1380611165

Thanks for the input Shiels and Paul will look into it

d-pixie-570421 1380616832

My partner is very interested in joining this trip.  Look forward to developments.  Happy to attend a meeting at some point.

lgwramp 1381487747

hi,i live nr magnac lavel  and ski at mont dore super basse its a good place for a days ski or a 2 day over night.but if you can get there from bellac in 1 hr show me the way or the car you drive  as its 300km and takes me 3 hrs ! :-) 

put myself and wife down for any skiing 


tuppence-538183 1392137091

Well we have been. We went to Pas de la Casa in Andorra. I for one had a great time. Good Food, good company good skiing  and now ready for the next trip. I hope that next time more can make it.

Thanks Terry for making it possable.



Arthur 52 1392671094

Hi Terry

I am moving from Dept 30 to Dept 19 in March. Its great to see you have set up a skiing group near to where I am moving to. I am not looking at doing any skiing this season as I will be busy settling into Correze. But please keep me informed if you having any meetings, etc.after March. Looking forward to meeting everyone



terry k 1392707321

Hi John I am allready looking to book for January 2015 at the moment the group stands at 4 if you join that will be five, as most of the rooms are sold as doubles or triples are you prepared to share if so will try to get you a young lady. we are looking at Courchevel room all inclusive about £600 ski pass last year £ 261 is this ok.I think I will start a new thread as this one is getting too long and out of date.

Keep in touch


Arthur 52 1392713746

Many thanks Terry, will be in touch




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