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Do you have a number that I can contact to find out details as I believe there was a group that met last winter and performed at the Bison Sanctuary during their Open Day this summer (which I was not able to attend; and they don't have contact details).23

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Hi. we're hoping to buy a property in the La Souteraine area and will be fetching our horses with us on the move, can anyone tell me what the outriding is like in that area, 'green lanes' etc.

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hi all does anyone know anywhere in region 23 where i can learn to scuba dive thanks Le Chardon EcossaisChambres et Table d'Hote

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Hello, can someone tell us how far it is into London city from Stanstead Airport. (we are northerners) Also the mode of travel used (not car) and perhaps the cost. We will be going from Limoges and looking to have a few days in London for a cultural break. Many thanks. "Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative"

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Hi, We have recently moved to Le Dorat and would like to join a health club or municipal swimming pool . Would anyone know of any in this area Sheila Sheila Bowes

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Hi , i live in the area of Thouron , Nantiat ( 87140 ) Is there anyone in this area that knows of any slimming clubs would love to ( need to ) join one .. Thnkyou

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Hi I have recently taken up running asa mean to lose weight and gain fitness. Does anyone know of any 5 or 10k charity or otherwise runs in the Limousin? For motivation!! bonnefond

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Hello all, I am planning on taking some friends past Borganeuf soon and was wondering if anyone had any names of restaurants they could recommend. It needn't be in Bourganeuf itself, but could just as well be close by.

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Working on a barn conversion near Chalus (87), for eventual retirement, our daughter and partner are keen divers and would like to know if there is anywhere in the area available for diving when they come to visit ? Stewart Lewthwaite

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Anyone in the Bellac to St Junien area play golf badly like me and want a game? Cheers

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Has anyone got a rowing machine they are wanting to sell? I am in the North Dordogne so can travel into the Limousin Tel 05 53 56 94 49Nettie

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Hi.I am looking for a tennis player(s) to play regularly.I am a reasonable standard,and am willing to travel a little.I live near Azerables,North Creuse.Paul

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We are looking for an outdoor table tennis table for our children, we are near Le Dorat in 87.thanks

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hi does anyone know any internet sites you can watch the french football games on thanks

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Does any fisherman have an info they could pass on for fishing for carp on the rivers around Mautes, Aubusson. We are looking for good places to fish when we come in May. Many thanks

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Does anyone know who I contact to obtain a sporting gun licence in France, we are contemplating coming to live in France and want to bring sporting guns with us. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks

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Hi, we have a gite here in the Creuse and have guests booked who have enquired about fishing in the area. In particular, they want to know if they will need a fishing licence (if so, how do they get one ?). I suppose fishing on a private lake does not require one, but I know very little about these things ! If you can help, please let me know. Also, if you have a lake and are keen to have private fishers between 1st and 16th May, please let me know and I will pass on the details. Thanks. Claire.

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Hi Everyone, If you know of anybody who likes fishing for carp and catfish please ask them to take a look at our website at www.castawaylake.co.uk

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Any fellow boaters out there I've put some pics on this site of last summer en Charente: http://community.webshots.com/user/angeladarlington Best wishes Angela http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots

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I am living in Eymoutiers and would love to play tennis on a regular basis. I played all the time back in England but have not played for about 6 months and I am out of practice (and shape) If you want a game, let me know, there are two free courts here in Eymoutiers and on-one seems to use them! Dave 0555691993 Dave

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