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Can anybody recommend a piano teacher in the Uzerche / Lubersac area.  Thank you.

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Are there any clubs near St Mathieu?Cheers Ian 

started by: plumb-1000284 · last update: 1467062079 · posted: 1466970031

Recently purchased property with a lake that needs draining for maintenance. Am struggling to get information on who to contact  .be very grateful for some info.

started by: Ian-Wanty-862543 · last update: 1466536731 · posted: 1466532081

Does anyone know of local shoots near St Mathieu ?

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Does anyone out there know anything about the rules governing shot gun ownerhip on France?  I hold a Shot Gun Certificate and own a registered shot gun in UK, which I use for clay pigeon shooting and for an occasional shoot day as a guest. I would like to be able to do the same in France, but an find little guidance as to any regulation as regards shot gun licensing and ownership. Plenty about hunting licences - but I do not wish to hunt. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction, please?

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Looking out for some private river barge hire for holidays for a friend in New Zealand.  He has searched the web but can only find the big players and he'd prefer somebody with a more individual outlook, any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated? 

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Hi folks. Just wondered it there are any other like minded people out there who may be interested in meeting up occasionally.Regards,Mal...)0(

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Are there any facilities for playing badminton or table tennis in the Chalus, Oradour-Sur-Vayres, Cussac, St Mathieu area that anyone knows of. Been a long, long time since I played and wouldn't mind starting again. Thanks in advance for any responses. 

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Hi, I live between Chabanais and Rochechouart and am looking for road cycling buddies either groups or indiduals. Im 52 years of age looking to ride between 25 and 50 miles averaging 16/17/18 mph. Cheers Fred

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I would like to meet up with people interested in Kung Fu. I practiced in the UK before moving to France recently and have a black belt in the martial art. I live near Oradour-Sur-Vayres. 87150.

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Iv recently come across a market trader that works at Piegut market on a Wednesday and Chauvigny market on a Saturday. He has a good variety of stock and very well priced compared to every where else in Limousin. Does any one have a contact number for him as want to make a big order over the phone save going all the way to the market. Thanks

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Our next meeting will be this sundaywe are still looking for new people to come along if you are interested just pm me

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Hi Please can someone help with information about fishing the river thru crozant is this just for trout or can you fish for all species i.e pike carp etc any information would be gratefully recieved or email me at lee@carpclobber.co.uk  all the best 

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I have been having a great time fishing the Vienne just downstream of Aixe but so far have only had one carp amongst countless barbel, although the carp was a nice 20lb fish and I have had barbel to 7lb. Can anyone help this relative newbie to the river identify any stretches where either the carp to barbel ration might be higher, or the barbel might be bigger? Whilst walking round Ladignac plan d'eau I met a chap who was carp fishing and we subsequently met again whilst I was fishing at Moulin de Tarn just outside Aixe. Unfortunately we did not exchange contact details either time, but it seems as if he is on a similar quest to myself. It would be great to make contact so we could share our experiences.

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Hi, I used to have the contact details of an English guy who was affiliated to Brive rugby and through who ,it was possible to order tickets from the UK.   Does anybody have his details please.

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Hi all you budding photographers, or just got a new camera for christmas we are having our fortnightly meeting this sunday afternoon if you would like to come and see what it is all about just get in touch(pm)

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Does anyone know of any craft groups in the Coussac Bonneval area that I can join ?I heard that there was a knitting group in Coussac,does anyone know if it is still running ?

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Hi, has any body registered a caravan in France from uk, our caravan has everything apart from a certificate for the weight, we are near Bellac does anyone know where we could get this not too far away, Many thanks Diane

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Hi I'm looking to buy a OPENBOX, digital receiver to get an assortment  TVs channels. I was wandering anyone has got one and can share any info on what I need to do if I do buy the box. Many thanks Joan

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