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we are having our next meeting this sunday afternoon anyone interested in joining just get in touch for more imformation 3pm-5pm ish

started by: pilchard-561974 · last update: 1447337106 · posted: 1447321978

Good morning! Does anyone know if there is a climbing wall in Saint Junien 87200, or anywhere else nearby? My daughter is desperate to give it  a go!!!! Many thanks

started by: jimjam-10056978 · last update: 1446889105 · posted: 1446835578

Hi just after some advice regarding license how much is the licence and can you get different types like course etc as only do carp and pike fising also how long does it last and do you need one for private lakes? Thanks 

started by: janetill-534132 · last update: 1444497448 · posted: 1443956334

Hello I am looking for a riding intructor for my daughter. We live on the border of the dordogne/correze border (19600)  Thankyou in advance

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this sunday we are having our meeting as we don't charge for membership(don't want the ass with the marie really) novices as well as experienced are all welcome

started by: tromboneliz · last update: 1442237344 · posted: 1442161410

Hi Does anyone know dates and have contact details for the Christmas Market to be held in 87 St Mathieu  this Year? Thank you    

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hi everyone everyone had a good holiday, looking to start something for the coming months we are having our meeting this sunday at 3pm so if you would like to come along just get in touch for further details

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Hi Does anyone have details or can recommend a Groundsman or a specialist in football pitches/ bowling greens...etc?

started by: Brh1988 · last update: 1441193081 · posted: 1441193081

Hello I'm looking to join a gym ( north of limoges town centre ) preferably near chateauponsac or bellac etc .. And also maybe with some English speaking staff .. Thank you :)

started by: st martin sue · last update: 1440789703 · posted: 1440789703

Hi I am looking for a karate club (preferably Wado) in or around the limousin. We are living about an hour north of limoges, between Bellac, La Souterraine and Montmorillon. Thank you. 

started by: Deaconl1 · last update: 1440710412 · posted: 1439481574

Hi We live near Chalus and wondered if there were any free water swimming sessions or open water swimming sessions at any of the lakes locally.  If anyone knows of any events or clubs would be great to know. Thanks

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our next meeting will be this sunday, if anyone wants to find out more please get intouch for more details

started by: paulg-500974 · last update: 1439324021 · posted: 1439319863

Hi. I live near La Souterraine, and want to find somewhere local I can take an old ex military jeep for the occasional day. Maybe some woods with tracks, or even a purpose built course. Does anyone know of such a place? The jeep is not a long distance cruiser, so would like somewhere not to far from the La Souterraine area if possible   Paul

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hi, i am looking for a supplier of rubber matting, used or new, needs to be 17/18 mm minimum thickness. not worriede wether is individual mats or on a roll thanks in advance for any info

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Hi. We are considering buying a used Motorhome or Camper Van .  Does anybody know of any dealers in Limousin area please ? Thanks .                  

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Has anyone been to this event in Dun Le Palestelle ?  Ive seen a roadside notice that it is this evening and was thinking of going,  will be coming from Aigaurande direction wondered about parking also what time to get there ? thanks

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I don't believe I have to ask this question, but we have some friends visiting from 15th August for 2 weeks who are football mad. Does anyone know if there are any pubs around Saint Junien area where they can go to watch the footy. Thank you in advance.      

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Hi we are in the Limousin but need to find a RC model shop and a club if anybody knows of any.   Thank you 

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I have a small 2 acre lake I am hoping to open up for fishing holidays next year. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to come and fish it this year in exchange for some good pics I can use on a website. carp to 30lb, cats to 40lb and pike to 18lb plus other mixed coarse fish. near Pompadour in the correze

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Does anyone know where we can get swimming lessons for children? We are close to Eymoutiers. 

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