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Aixe has sensibly decided to open the municipal pool every day at 8,30 until 6pm, closing (naturally) for lunch - this is a major breakthrough for the town, and France.

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Hi, Could anybody tell me if there is a decent website that will give me lists of 10km races and demi-marathons throughout France? Thanks.

started by: Judy hurst · last update: 1436690650 · posted: 1436690650

anyone interested in running, socially, not competitively? 

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hi all this sunday is our once fortnightly camera club meeting this week we are having an outside workshop, while the weather is nice ( no silly comments please) if you would like to come along just get in touch for more details

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Hi, We are based in Haute Vienne and are keen bikers - (BMW and Triumph).  We are looking for fellow bikers, male or female, for rides out.. 

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hi  does anyone know if there are any groups or organisations who do ghost hunts in this area?

started by: compo-510813 · last update: 1432196609 · posted: 1432196609

Our meeting will be this Sunday if you would like to come and see what we do, just pm me for more details

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Does anybody know of a pool table supplier in Coussac Bonneval. I believe he repairs them and occasionally gets some for sale

started by: compo-510813 · last update: 1431073468 · posted: 1431073468

our next meeting will be this Sunday anyone wanting to come along can get in touch for further details

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Designed for those of us who are Rubenesque in physique. Maison des Sports et de la Dance d' Aubusson Monday             11.30 to 12.45 Wednesday     11.45 to 12.45 Gentle exercises led by Patricia  ( animatrice sportive )  06 81 89 22 82 Co ordinater  Catherine      06 86 17 80 88 English member   Janice   jan.senior@yahoo.co.uk Free Trial Session to either session

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Our next meeting will be this Sunday at 3pm if you want to come along just get in touch

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Hi, I have just  joined this site today and would appreciate any help please! My son is hoping to come over to do some carp fishing in the Lubersac area and I was wondering do you need a fishing permit to fish at the local municipal lakes. He is going to fish a private lake but was told he would not need a permit for this. Any help any fisher men or women out there would be much appreciated. Many thanks LizzirR

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Hi, I am a keen Rotarian, member for 15 years in a club in East Anglia, shortly to move to a village near St Matthieu (87). Any Rotarians out there who would be prepare to introduce me to their club (if within 30 mins drive) with aview to transfer of membership?

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Our next meeting is today at 3pm we don't charge membership fees, but are growing in numbers so if you are interested in joining just pm me

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Hi I'm here (87440) every UK school holiday and am very keen to play some tennis. I see a couple of posts from the past but nothing in the last nine months or so. I can play anywhere around St Junien, Rochechouart, Piegut etc. I play to an average club standard. In an ideal world would be great to get some kind of group/club organised? Share thoughts and emails Thanks Nick Garnett - nick@occeane.com

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My name is Chris Cull I have been 6 years trying to set up field/indoor hockey in this area and at long last with the help of Remi Montecot we have formed a field hockey section with ASPTT in Limoges at Gymnase du petit Beaubreuil 2 Rue Chateau d'Eau 87280 Limoges.At the monent it will be indoor but we may have axccess to an all weather pitch soon,please come and join us even if you have not played before it's a game for every one from 7/77 years like me. Contact details Chris Cull 05 55 76 20 04 or0670366611 English or Remi MOTECOT +3367092169 portable French.Just turn up coaching free to all A Bientot Chris/Remi. Email tobybonnie2@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/limogeshc

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Our next meeting is this sunday, if anyone is interested in coming along to join in our friendly meetings just get in touch for details.

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Hello I am looking to play tennis once or twice a week not Tuesday. Just a casual two or three sets to keep fit. In the St Dizier Leyrenne area. Interested give me a call 0555640147 Mannie

started by: soona-514056 · last update: 1424793587 · posted: 1412009366

Hi looking for an ocassional round of golf North Creuse or south Centre region. Regards Soona

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Hi there, I live in cognac la Foret and I was wondering if any woolly minded folks would like to come and join me at a knit and natter get together?? in the Uk at moment but back on the 9th..07738090404 Best wishes for 2015 Jaki

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