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I am going to Brive Rugby Club tomorrow to watch Brive play Gloucester. Could anyone please recommend where to park my car. Thank you.

started by: John Crowhurst-926037 · last update: 1421267057 · posted: 1421019572

Moving to  St Matthieu (87) in the next few weeks and trying to locate a municipal or public swimming pool (indoor) or a sports or fitness centre with a pool somwhere within 45 minutes of St Matthieu. Can anybody help please. Duetto

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I’ve been thinking recently of starting a group for people (ladies orgents) who would like to do some handicrafts. If you have never made things by hand and would like to do so, come along. Wewould make things using different types of materials - glass, fabric,willow, hedgerow plants, lavender, slate and sometimes using a mixture. I am by no means an expert but over the years I have taken enormouspleasure from making things and if I can pass on some of this pleasureto others that would be a bonus for me. It would be once a week for 2 to 3 hours at our house near Le GrandBourg 23240 starting after Christmas, the number would be limited to about 8people. If you are interested please contact me: Anne26@your-mail.com and wewill arrange a get together to organise things.

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Does anyone know if there is any good trout fishing within an hour of Nexon? Is the Briance at Least Given any good?

started by: bridger.nigel@orange.fr · last update: 1417865170 · posted: 1417865170

are there any photographic / camera clubs located in Creuse (23)

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hi Can anyone tell me how i can check to see if a fishing lake that we have been to has the relevant Health & Hygiene certificate,[ as it was not displayed in the lodge ],we have both had upset stomaches since returning home. thanks 

started by: Ozzy babe · last update: 1413215541 · posted: 1413064113

Hi, does anybody know if there are any indoor swimming pools in the surrounding area near Treignac. We are willing to travel a bit but didn't want to go as far as Limoges.  Thanks

started by: emilyg-513139 · last update: 1412542897 · posted: 1412171597

Hi,   Does anyone know if there is Badminton for adults in the Chambon / Gouzon / Boussac area?  For fun, not necessarily for competition.

started by: WendyM-901368 · last update: 1411403526 · posted: 1411207006

I live in the north Creuse and belong to a French 'Danse Folklorique' group which was formed about 10 years ago as part of the local society for retired people. We meet on a Tuesday afternoon in Nouzerolles. It's a very pleasant way to pass an afternoon (a bit like going to a barn dance every week!) as well as being very good exercise and wonderful for improving French language skills.Unfortunately, over the last couple of years we have lost a few members through ill health and, to be honest, old age, and the group is getting a bit small. They are very friendly, welcoming people, but don't seem to have a clue about recruiting new members, so I thought I would try and help.It's lots of fun, there are four other English members to help you with the dances and it only costs 30 euros a year (15 of that is insurance). If you would like to try it out please contact me and I can either give you directions or meet you somewhere and take you along. I love it and I'm sure that a lot of you retirees would also enjoy this fun way of keeping fit while taking part in something truly French!

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Hi. I have been for a road rideout organised by another expat. I really enjoyed it, but the 2 other guys are really pretty good, having cylcled for years. I have only just come back to the sport, and at this moment only have a mountain bike. Would anyone around the La Souterraine area like to keep me company at the back, or indeed any other good cyclists are welcome to join us as well. The organiser likes to try out different areas so slightly further afaied would be good too.    

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I have joined a local (St.Yrieix La Perche) running club which is great, but they only meet once a week at my (steady away) level and although I have been going out jogging alone thought it would be nice to try and start an informal group of jogging partners at a similar level to myself.  I would like to meet twice a week where we could jog for about an hour including a little warm up and some stretching exercises and cool down at the end, nothing too strenuous, so really only running for about 40 minutes at a nice easy pace. I am 50 and although have run for years since moving here and with all the stress of getting here have run very little for approx 6-8 months.  Very flexible with times, ideally meeting within a 30 minute drive of St Yrieix, perhaps same place or trying different ones? So far have found Lac d'Arfeuille a good base but open to ideas. Definitely not looking for race/competitive element, just some supportive and encouraging/motivating running partners, English/French male or female runners welcome, even beginners who just fancy a try.  In England I was in a similar style group and people turned up as and when they could, sometimes there might be 20 or so other times just 2 or 3, no pressure no obligation, time and place was e-mailed out weekly and you either went or not depending your availability. Often the faster ones ran ahead and looped back to join the slower ones but the last one was never left alone. It was a lovely group that would then occasionally meet up for a meal too so made some very nice friends.  Please join the thread with any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Jacqui. 

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Informal, not-for-profit meditation and reading group for Christians, Buddhists, other faiths, agnostics and atheists.  Collections at meetings just to cover any room hire costs.  We have different reasons for meditation and may have different practices.  Rather than suggesting that any particular way is best, or insisting on a particular motive for meditating, we focus on doing our personal practice – whatever that is – together.   Our meetings are also informed by our reading.  Our operating language is English, though at a stretch we can accommodate some French.  Members for the summer 2014 sessions were from Montbron, Mansle, Ruffec and Confolens (16) and Oradour-sur-Vayre (87) so we have been meeting in the middle near Chasseneuil (16).  Our sessions would also have been within reach of the north-western tip of Dordogne (24).  No meetings now till November and the meeting place chosen will depend on who wants to come and where they live.   Expressions of interest to: lucy.harrisunun@btinternet.com or  

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We have a chambre d'hote between Payzac and St. Yrieix and have had several requests/enquiries from guests lately about where they can go pony riding with children and also experienced riders wanting to go out for half a day. Does anyone know any suitable places? We would be happy to put a reciprical link on website. Anyone else with activities for tourists could also let me know too (golf/fishing etc ) and we could do the same. Finally, am thinking about our own 7 year old son having riding lessons - any ideas, not too much travelling though. Thanks. Jacqui.

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Hello I will be on holiday in the Gueret area (Gouzon) from 22-29 August and wonder if there are any running groups/clubs locally I could run with during that time?   Many thanks   Anne

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Fun family sailing dinghy, or just for two. GRP dinghy with Main full of life, furling jib. Price to include launching trolley, Road trailer with vehicle number board and electrics, boat cover. Boat has had little recent use but has been stored jacked up with trailer wheels removed for indoor storage. 900 euros. Pamela

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Yvonne Anderson, Phoenix Foster Carer, is opening up her garden for a sale of books, bric-a-brac, clothing and more, all in aid of Phoenix. Open from 10:00 to 16:00   Location: 36 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, St Laurent Sur Gorre, 87310   Car parking with kind permission of M. Roulauds & Fils. Please park in their top car park site only and not on the street.   Yvonne hopes to see you all there. Please bring small change with you, and please, NO book donations as Yvonne has happily collected enough.   Thank you

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Hi does anyone know of a photography club in the Bourganeuf area, also any brass or orchestra type group too for a tuba/trumpet player. Thanks 

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Bonjour people. I'm a keen road cyclist living near Lac de Vassiviere. I'm interested in meeting up with other cyclists around here, and possibly starting up a club as there isn't one in this area. Anyone out there interested? :@)

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Spent about 45-50 mins this afternoon visiting Chateau de Montbrun down near Dournazac. Good place to go, in my opinion for what that's worth.  There are guided tours on the hour from 2pm-6pm every day, tours are conducted in French and English so no need for a translator!   You are told the history of this medieval chateau and shown around some of the rooms inside, which have been renovated to a very high standard.   Afterwards you can have a refreshing drinnk at La Taverne opposite. br /> I'll be going again nest week.

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I enjoy the actual match, but did we really need 2 hours beforehand of complete drivel from the commentators - I thought that we woud see all of the opening ceremony - not a commentator and two footballers say in a glass box overlooking Copacobana Beach wittering on about everything and nothing most of the time.  

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