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Are there any of these groups in or around Chalus and Oradour Sur Vayres

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Hello - Has anyone got a caravan in their back garden that there not going to use anymore, with a shower in, as i'm looking for a tapper with knob, there smaller than the normal sized ones and have been unable to get any here or in the uk for my caravan.  There not able to be ordered either. Hope someone can help....:o)

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I am looking for sports bar recommendations where I can watch matches with other expats?

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We play tennis every Tuesday at 10.00am behind the  swimming pool in Eymoutiers. If any-one want to join us we would be delighted, we are not experts but not beginners either. Let me know if you would like a regular game.

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Two weeks ago our carp fishing lake cabin was broken into again, we had fitted a security door but the thieves still managed to steal all our carp gear, greys prodgerd rods, and daiwa sportsmatic;x 5000 reels, our anatac bait boat plus Decathalon tracker two man bivviys. If any one out there in France is offered any of these items could you please contact me or the Gendamie at Oradour-sur-vayres

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We will be having an open meeting this sunday the 27th at 3.00pm we are stilll looking for new members with a general interest in taking better photo's or just sharing experiences for details send a PM robert

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hi, i will be looking yo buy some internal stables at the end of the summer.  has anyone any ideas where to buy in the area  or anyone looking to sell later in the year

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I need some advice, as a family we have decided to get out more and buy bikes so we cn get 'off the beaten track'  now it is years since I had a bike - obviously need mountain bikes but which make over here and what else should I be looking for when buying one?

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Hi all interested cricketers  Cricket practice will be starting again at the Stade St Sebastien 23160 on the 5th of May We hope to start at 6.30 and all are welcome if you need any further information please ring Pete on 0555630536

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Anyone know anything about the French laws re: metal detecting? Any metal- detecting enthusiasts in HV/Creuse who want company?

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hi, my daughters and myself will be moving to the limousin region in september to live.  we will be bringinh our horses and are trying to find out any info regarding the showjumping circuit in this area.  we jump affiliated at home and would like to continue at this level.  aslo  best places to buy feed and tack etc kind regards denese

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Any clubs around where you can do a course in one go nd not spread out over several months?

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Any golfers who have been unhappy with the costs of playing at Gouzon in recent years can now smile. A new association has taken over the running of the course and the green fees and membership fees have been reduced. At the moment it is 29€ for 18 holes but if you live in the Creuse it is only 20€ for 18 holes. I think the fees go up a little in the summer but for the moment that is the price.So if you are sad like me and enjoying frightening the animals in woods by hitting balls at them get along there and support the new association.

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I live in the department of Correze.  I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Camping Gaz for my campervan please. Many thanks

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Is there anywhere I can get mine re-strung in Limoge please.  

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Good Afternoon. I have some guests arriving in August who would like to go overnight carp fishing. We live near Boussac, 18 / 23 region. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me of any good lakes they could go to for overnight fishing within a reasonable distance? Also how to book a bay on the lake and how to get a licence? Thank you

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Hi are there any keen cyclists there? We shall be in the Bourganeuf area, based in St Martin Ste Catherine, for the whole of April and my husband would really like to meet up with any keen fellow road cyclists for cycle rides of around  50-70 or so miles on any days to suit  Looking forward to meeting you. chrissynjohn      

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Can anyone tell me how I can place a bet on the UK Grand National from France. Non of the UK based gaming sites permit it. I've looked at a few of the French sites (ie PMU) with no luck.

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Hi, Has anyone got any dates for local air shows in Limosin area for this summer,  mick.

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  After the last trip went so well I am looking to organize another to Courchevel in January 2015. This is a much larger ski area than Andorra and is great for all ages and abilities, Saying that a fully catered Hotel starts at about £600, you get what you pay for !!! We have a mixed group of 4 so far. If any one is interested in joining us please get in touch, the more the merrier and this may bring the price down. Terry

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