Art & Exhibitions

Carnet de Poilu from Mon 7th Nov to Fri 30th Jun
An exhibition in the form of boards presenting letters and works created during the Great War by Raymond Renefer.
Gérard Rondeau from Sun 12th Mar to Sun 21st May
A homage to the great photographer, Gérard Rondeau who died in 2016.
Golden Week Exhibition from Tue 25th Apr to Sun 30th Apr
An exhibition of kimonos, kakemonos, ikebanas, books, ceramic pieces, Chinese dolls and niwatori.
Contemporary Art from Mon 24th Apr to Sat 6th May
An exhibition by local young creators of contemporary art.
Forbidden Humour from Sat 28th Jan to Sun 30th Apr
An exhibition of press illustrations and caricatures drawn in Toulouse in December 1944.
Porcelaine Exhibition from Sat 1st Apr to Sun 31st Dec
An exhibition of decorated porcelaine pieces in the workshops of the porcelaine factory.
The First Moments of a Baby's Life from Mon 24th Apr to Fri 5th May
An exhibition of photos depicting the first moments of a baby's life by former nurse, Marie-Noëlle Niang.
Museums without Gravity from Fri 27th Jan to Sat 20th May
This exhibition explores the collections of the FRAC Centre-Val de Loire, specialised in experimental architecture.
Bernard Bigey from Tue 10th Jan to Sun 31st Dec
An exhibition of eclectic contemporary works by Bernard Bigey.
Wood Sculptures from Mon 24th Apr to Sat 29th Apr
An exhibition by wood sculptor, Daniel Arnoult.