Architects & Surveyors

Eden Architecture
Our business is architecture, building wood houses, natural swimming pools etc. We perform high quality eco constructions combining agricultural experience with state of the art smart building technology.
Architecture services, new buildings, existing buildings and product design. 
SuaKay Architects
Housing, office, retail and other architectural projects. 
Fragmentos de Arquitectura
New construction, renovation of homes and commercial projects.  
Joao Santiago
Independent architect for plan design, interior design, renewals, expansions, extensions, municipal licensing and property valuation. 
Carlos Sousa Valles Arquitectos
Projects for city rehabilitation, renovation and restoration, new buildings, interior design and ephemeral structures.
Scott Levitt Lda.
Chartered surveyors, quantity surveyors, project management and pre-purchase property surveys. 
Gerald Luckhurst
Chartered landscaping architect and horticulturist for residential and commercial locations working with native and exotic plants. 
Pedra Silva Architects
Architecture and interior design, furniture design and production. 
EPE Consult - Engenharia/Construção
Project management and construction mediation, works implementation supervision, design of prestressed concrete structures, special foundation , geotechnical, steel structures, composite structures , wooden structures , industrial facilities, building, wa...
Urban decoration, consulting projects, remodelling, restoration, residences, offices, stores, industrial buildings, public sector buildings. 
PA - Projectos & Avaliacoes
New construction projects, alterations, magnifying, recovery/remodeling/restoring, legalisation, urbanisation, land division and architectural plans.
Bakgordon Architects
Architecture services, interior design and public sector projects. 
Extra Studio
Architect services for residential, corporate and public projects; new or renovation and interior design services. 
Brito Rodriguez
International architectural office with American and Portuguese architects for private houses, rehabilitation projects, cultural buildings and public environments. A