Building & Renovation

Em Casa com a Natureza Unipessoal Lda
Property renovation, building, roofing, property health checks and landscaping.
Reclaim Design
Eco-friendly home decor and furniture made from locally sourced reclaimed wood and recycled materials. Also van builds and conversions and a variety of other carpentry work utilizing both new and reclaimed wood.
Castelo Construction
Project management, renovation, new build and property survey. Specialist services, tile work, paving, home extensions, heating and cooling. Property sales and rental. Emergency services.
Planning, rehabilitation or conservation support, including surveying and restoration.
Eden Architecture
Our business is architecture, building wood houses, natural swimming pools etc. We perform high quality eco constructions combining agricultural experience with state of the art smart building technology.
Geohabitat - Healthy Buildings
Electromagnetic radiation measurement and shielding solutions for homes, offices, schools, therapy centers and other buildings. Cell phone radiation shielding. Earth radiation measurement and shielding solutions. Air and water revitalization.
Gabriel Costa e Filhos, Lda.
Building materials, plumbing fixtures, bathrooms, showers, towel racks, bathroom storage, kitchens appliances, DYI materials.
Larcher de Brito Construcoes
Construction, interior and exterior painting, electricians, plumbers, roofing, kitchen and bathroom renovation, flooring and tiling contracts.  
Space Creation
Home and office planning: creation and renovation. Interior design and architects. At Rua Antonio Enes 16- 1ºE, 1050-025 Lisbon.
Trabalhos de Casa, Lda
Provides bathroom, kitchen and whole house renovations. At Rua Filipe Duarte 6, 1600 Lisbon.
BC Painting and Remodelling
We are a group in the field of construction, we carry out interior / exterior painting, tile, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity, plaster. We also have interior remodelling services for your home, business or place of business.
Interior and exterior painting, building reconstruction and renovation, air conditioning systems, solar power. At Rua Moreira Feyo 4-A, 2675-575 Arroja, Odivelas.