Charity & Charitable Organisations

Their Voice Portugal
Registered charity specializing in rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses and donkeys, nationally and internationally. Rescue network extends throughout Portugal. In Beja
Cross-Cultural Outreach Associacao
Support for immigrants with integration into the Portuguese community, for families with language education and event promotion for meetings of the immigrant community in Portugal.
Bianca Association
Animal centre providing care, shelter and adoption for abused and abandoned animals in Sesimbra county. Co-operates with several organizations abroad. Registered charity. English, German, French and Dutch spoken. At Sesimbra.
WRVS - The Womens Royal Voluntary Service
The WRVS cares for people in need. Volunteers visit the elderly, help with shopping, collect and distribute clothing and organise fundraising events for charities. New members are always welcome.
Salvation Army
Exercito de Salvação. Christian based organisation sharing their faith by action. Homes for elderly, childrens home, food and clothing centre, soup kitchen and programmes for the marginal society.
Lares da Boa Vontade
The Cheshire Home. Home for the disabled, a non-profit institution with physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a part-time nurse. At Avenida do Loureiro 251, Carcavelos.
British Charitable Funds (BCF)
Established 1827. Provides financial support for old and infirm British citizens in serious need and resident in the Lisbon consular district. Assistance with income, medical or disability costs. Dependent on charitable donations. Reg. Charity:258797
Fundacao Nacional
Foundation to promote information and continuation of Portuguese culture, education and history, impacting quality of life, heritage protection, regional, local and economic development.
Maj-Lis Philanthropic Foundation Maj-Lis Philanthropic Found...
Christian charity working with crisis, providing clothing and personal essentials, foster homes, and childrens summer camps. Working with Lar da Boa Vontade with beds, wheelchairs and other items. Food collection, distribution.
Charity Bridge Association
Established in 1980 this association meets weekly in Estoril and organises fund-raising events for the British Charitable Fund, the Childrens Cancer Hospital in Lisbon and many other causes. Rua das Perdizes 15, Quinta da Bicuda, 2750-704 Cascais.
Dogs of Portugal
Foreign run association that intermediates adoptions from the private shelter Cantinho da Milu in Setubal. English, German and French spoken.
Associacao Animais de Rua
Volunteer run national organization that works to capture and neuter stray animals using TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), which are then returned to their familiar grounds. Adoption program, online store and links for discounted pet food.
Cultural association professional and personal development of youth through arts. An international platform for all forms of art and culture; to encourage inquiry and debate and to provide the opportunity to share new ideas and knowledge with experts and
Projecto Darte
Charity providing art as therapy for children ages 5-16, families and others. Working on development of self-esteem, self-confidence, personal and social skills. Learning difficulties, situational adjustment, educational issues, child-protective care.
Friends of the British Cemetery
UK registered charity providing for the maintenance of the British Cemetery in Elvas and for the Chapel of S. Joao da Corujeira, adjoining the cemetery. Remembrance ceremonies are held in the British Cemetery each 11th November and in May.
Serve the City.Lisbon
Christian charity association providing services for marginalized people of any or no faith. Community dinners, workshops, football tourneys, gardens. Homeless, low income, children w/HIV, health issues, elderly, fragile youth, drug addicts.
Loja Solidaria
Second hand shop for clothes, mainly for women and children, household items and books. Open Wednesday from 14:00 to 17:00 and every first Saturday of the month from 10:00 to 13:00. Staffed by volunteers.
ReFood Cascais
Distribution of surpluses from restaurants to those in need by volunteers.
Coordination of feeding those in need by private social solidarity institutions, charity, NGOs and other solidarity associations with food that never left the kitchen or that has not been exposed to/been in contact with the public.