Chiropodists & Podiatrists

Instituto de Reflexologia Integrada de Lisboa (IRIL)
General podiatry clinic. At Rua Dr. Antonio Granjo, Nº 12 r/c, 1070-090 Lisbon.
Klinika We Care
Podiatry and Chiropody. Corns, calluses, nail care, heel pain, sport injuries, other foot related issues. At Parque das Nacoes and Saldanha
Farmacia Algarve
Preventive, diagnostic and treatment of foot issues. Foot correction, insoles and orthopaedic inserts, gait studies. At Avenida de Roma 7-B, Lisbon.
General podiatry, all ages foot care, diabetic and rheumatic foot concerns, spurs, warts, callus, corns, nail deformities, biomechanical changes.
Chiropody and podiatry. Diabetic foot care, sports and work injury, all ages podiatry, biomechanics and quiropodology. All other foot issues and treatment supported.
Clinica Fisiofalantes
General and specialised podiatry, sport injury, nails, callus treatment, deformity, plantars faciitis. Preventive foot care. At Olivais, Lisbon.
Bowen Lisbon Clinic
Specialising in podiatry and foot health. At Rua Tomas Ribeiro, 6 - 1ºE, 1050-229 Lisbon.