Complementary Therapies & Wellness

Little Yoga Space
Daily yoga classes in English, workshops, and holistic physiotherapy. Yoga studio in located historic centre of Lisbon.
Dr Jay Carson, Chiropractor (Centro Quiropratico de Cascais)
Wellness and nutrition; Chiropractic: sacro occipital technique-SOT, applied kinesiology, craniosacral therapy. Advanced technologies: Bio-electromagnetic resonance and biofeedback sports injury care, chronic conditions and immune system balance.
Centro Budista Deuachen
Buddhist centre opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 14:00-19:00. Meditation, meditation courses, workshops and tantric initiations. Location: Rua do Crucifixo nº86, 2º Dtº, 1100-184 Lisbon.
SenSib - Thai massage Traditional Clinic
Thai massage therapies founded in traditional Thai medicine system (TTM). Thai heat massage, foot massage, Tok Sen, acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang.
Maximilien Vergnaud
Oseopath working in Agora, popular with expatriates. Practitioners speak English, French, and Portuguese. The structure offers acupuncture, osteopathy, massage, meditation and yoga classes. R. Rafael de Andrade 23, 1150-064 Lisbon
Luz de Tara
Therapies to promote wellbeing and balance, reconnective healing, energy reading, magnified healing, Ayurvedic massage, relaxing massage, reconnection and Reiki.
Marilia Teixeira Counseling
CMIL, Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 40-R/C Esq, 1050-016 Lisbon.
Centro de Terapias Chinesas / SPAsia
Chinese therapies centre (Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Tuina, etc.) and Spa services (Numerous massage types available). Avenida António Augusto Aguiar 56 - 1º, 1050-017 Lisbon.
Orientaland - Terapias Orientais de Recuperacao
Acupuncture at Rua Act. Antonio Cardoso 7A, 1900-10 Lisbon.
Circulo Do Ser
Hatha and Kundalini yoga, yoga for pregnancy and postnatal, zen shiatsu, shiatsu for pregnancy, cranio sacral therapy and pelvic alignment.  
Osteopathic Clinic in Rato, Lisbon
UK trained osteopaths with 15 years of experience for structural, visceral and cranial osteopathy for all ages. English and French spoken.
Dr. Bruno Moreira Campos - Osteopath
For treatment of lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis and others. In Oeiras at Av. Dr. Francisco de Sá Carneiro, Nº 14 (A)- Moínho das Antas
Clinica Tratamento da Dor
Physical therapy and treatment for pain issues, sports injuries, back pain, tendinitis, sciatica and others. Esthethics, massage, chiropractic care. At Praçeta do Astrolábio 109, Cascais.
Rosa Do Amaral
Clinical Psychology/Intervention/Family and Marriage /Rehabilitation Counselling. CADIN, Estrada da Malveira, 900 Edificio, 2750-782 Cascais.
1 Life Wellness Centers - Chiropractors of Lisbon
Services in chiropractic, psychology and nutrition. Also provides a specific technique of acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractic treatment, administered by the only qualified practitioner in Europe. At Campo Grande 2 - R/C Esquerdo, Lisbon.
Clinica Xangai Centro Homeopatico
Homoeopathic centre at Rua Antonio Candido 1A, 2725-306 Mem Martins Sintra.
Gotas de Lys
Natural therapies such as acupuncture, floral therapy and Reiki. Yoga and Tai Chi activities. Diet foods, aromatherapy and herbal products. At Rua Salgueiro Maia, Lote 6, Loja Esq, Quinta do Pinheiro, 2955-028 Pinhal Novo.
Em McGowan
Life and Wellbeing Coach, Holistic Health Practioner and Reiki Master. Offering both online and face to face services. Also offers Reiki for Animals
Teresa Cabedo Counseling
CMIL, Av. Antonio Augusto de Aguiar, 40-R/C Esq 1050-016 Lisbon. Hours: Wed 09:00-1200 1400-19:00.
Anita Ayash
Educational Psychologist. PIN-Progresso Infantil Clinica Europa, Carcavelos.
Bloom - Focus on the Good
Mindfulness tools for the corporate sector incorporating eight week sessions with specific techniques: mindfulness, relaxation, interpersonal relations, strengths and weaknesses. 
Deepaliving - Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, Reflexo...
Clinical massage for musculoskeletal and chronic pain. Experienced with lower back pain, thoracic pain, neck/shoulder pain, sciatica, RSI. Works with injuries, including whiplash, ankle sprain, frozen shoulder. Pregnancy massage, reflexology.
Raja Yoga Brahma Kumaris
Meditation classes, workshops, special mothers programme and lessons in vegetarian cooking. Situated at Rua do Guarda-joias nº52, 1300-294 Lisbon.
Mary Fowke
Treatment for teenagers and adults, guidance through mental and emotional challenges to self-understanding and well-being. 
Rui Manuel
Natural therapies for low back pain, sciatica pain relief, and general musculoskeletal imbalance. At Sao Domingos de Rana, between Lisbon and Cascais. Can also be done at home without need to drive. All days after 18:00 and weekends.
Lisbon and Cascais Massage and Ayurvedic Life Coaching
Australian trained massage therapist for relaxation, remedial, sports, pre/post natal; Ayurvedic life coaching. Lisbon, Cascais and Paco DArcos.
Lisbon and Cascais Massage and Ayurvedic Life Coaching
Australian trained massage therapist for relaxation, remedial, sports, pre/post natal; Ayurvedic life coaching. Lisbon, Cascais and Paco DArcos.
Bowen Lisbon Clinic
Specialising in podiatry and foot health. At Rua Tomas Ribeiro, 6 - 1ºE, 1050-229 Lisbon.
Fiona Maguire- Real Energy 4 U
Assessment of the body's alignment and a range of massage techniques including clinical, deep tissue, clinical massage therapy, sports and light rhythmical massage and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.
Ivone Sousa, practitioner diploma- LCCH - Assistance with performance anxiety, self-confidence, stress, anger management, stop smoking, phobias, panic attacks, unresolved traumas, insomnia. Centro de Recuperacao Respiratoria - Rita Jardim.
Terra Heal
Mobile wellness and health company, on-site massage, therapies and activities to individuals and businesses of all sizes, indoor or outdoor.
IBFAN, International Baby Food Action Network
Lactation and breastfeeding support services in Cascais and Lisbon area. Hospital, NICU and in-home consultations available by appointment with Jacqueline de Montaigne who is a Certified Lactation Counsellor, NICU Lactation Specialist and IBLCE Intern.
Natural products and therapeutic Ayurvedic massage: massage for head, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg and general body pain.
Whole body approach to optimising health and wellbeing by replacing unhealthy actions with positive ones. Qualified BSc (Hons) MBAcC Chinese Medicine Practitioner (from Westminster University London, UK) Holistic Health Coach and ITEC Level 4 Holistic Mas...
Centro Quiropratico de Cascais
Dr Jay Carson, Chiropractor (Palmer Graduate) Sacro Occipital Technique-SOT, Applied Kinesiology, CranioSacral. Advanced Technologies: BioElectromagnetic Resonance & Biofeedback for Sports injuries, chronic conditions & immune system balance.
Ana Carvalheira
Therapeutic interventions for sexual problems and dysfunctions.
Tabula Rasa Retreat
Addiction and Spiritual Treatment with Ibogaine Therapy, Portugal. All treatments undergo medical vetting and are medically monitored and supervised by experienced practitioners. Tabernanthe Iboga is a treasured, sacred plant that can open up mi...
Madalena Munoz
Nutrition services with physician trained in the USA, works with adults and children. Life Coach and Wellness Coach CIS-Cascais, Rua Joao Infante, Lote 1-R/C A, Alto das Flores, 2750-384 Cascais.
Asher-Nicole Therapy
Mobile reflexologist and massage therapist, fully qualified by Carlton Institute of Holistic Therapy, U.K.
Dania Neumann
Healing via Movement Analysis. Registered, qualified movement analyst, therapist, counsellor trainer. Therapy to resolve conflicts, heal diseases, motivation, change and transformation. Contact weekdays by phone 10:00-13:00. Lisbon/Cascais.
Vida Clinic
Doctors of Chiropractic and functional movement.  Corrective care of the spine and nervous system. 
Global Wellness Centres
Specialists in Chiropractic and postural correction, Dr. Andrew Hatch and Maria Canotilho offer individual and corporate services. Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote.4.24.01.A, Parque das Nacoes, 1990 Lisbon.
Protocol for diagnosis and treatment of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea. Available at SmileLab and Toothcare by Oralteam clinics in Lisbon and Medicabulum in Cascais.
Miguel Tecedeiro
Adult/child psychology and marriage therapy. CIS-Cascais, Rua Joao Infante, Lote 1-R/C A, Alto das Flores, 2750-384 Cascais.
Physiotherapist - Hermine Redeke
Physiotherapy treatments for sports injuries, headaches, back, leg, neck and shoulder problems, cerebral palsy and rehabilitation following accidents, operations and strokes. 
Micky Tranaeus
Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Doula. Therapy Rooms in Cascais and Lisbon. English, Portuguese and Spanish spoken.
Centro Quiropratica Nova Vida
Neil Marco Violante and Celine Martin are members of the Portuguese Association of Chiropractors who offer general Chiropractic services. Rua Cidade de Halton lote 3, loja A Urbanizacao da Quinta do Seixal, 2400-703 Leiria.
The New Modern Osteopath
Treatments for sports injury, lower back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica and any other pain or illness. Chiropractic, Shiatsu, reflexology and recovery massage available. At Cascais.
Physioclem-Fisioterapia e Bem-Estar
Physiotherapy, osteopathy, wellness care such as anti-stress, muscle relaxation. "Health woman" care including childbirth preparation, incontinence, etc.
Adjust for Life, Lda.
Chiropractic office for relief from pain and improved quality of life. Natural, non-invasive treatment to improve the health of the whole family.
Projecto Darte
Charity providing art as therapy for children ages 5-16, families and others. Working on development of self-esteem, self-confidence, personal and social skills. Learning difficulties, situational adjustment, educational issues, child-protective care.
The Belgian Osteopath
Osteopathic treatment for digestive issues, headache, back pain, sleeping disorders. 
Coaching for both individuals and couples on Health and Wellness, Energy Interventions, Sexuality and Identity. Offer life and relational coaching both online and in person. 
Pedro Martins - Physiotherapy and Osteopathy
Services for osteopathy, paediatric osteopathy, physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy, respiratory kinesiotherapy. Emergency services. Preparation for birth and parenting, baby massage. At Avenida de Portugal nº 198 Loja - B, Carcavelos.
Osteopathy - Saude Integral
Osteopathy within a medical setting at Clinica Rosario. Jody Jakob D.O. Has been practising osteopathy for more than 35 years. Located at Av. Nossa Senhora do Rosario 1212, Cascais.