Dogs, Cats, Pets & Animals

Doggy Sitter
Offers pet walking, pet sitting, pet playground, pet training, vet visit, bath and grooming and other pet services. Rua das Antas, Lote 2 R/C Frente, Talaide, 2785-605 Sao Domingos de Rana.
Valverde Hotel
Pet hotel and training school.
O Cao Laranja - Pet Hotel
Hotel for cat's, pet shop and hygiene facilities.
CRAPAA - Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals
The Caldas da Rainha Association for the Protection of Abandoned Animals is a non-profit organization that helps abandoned animals and sensitizes society to animal causes. Always looking for help from partners, volunteers and god-parents for financial fos...
Hospital Veterinario da Bicuda
24 hour veterinary hospital for all medical services, surgery, arthroscopy, cardiology, dermatology, ultrasound, orthopedics, trauma care, radiology and laboratory. Partners with Prime Pet for home based pet care. At Rua da Torre 1499-A/B, Cascais.
Veterinary clinic for general and emergency services for domestic and exotic animals, including grooming and dentistry. Monday to Saturday 10:00-21:00, Sunday and holidays 10:00-14:00. At Rua Dr. Bernardo Teixeira Botelho 68 (Estrada Nacional Nº 379, km....
Hotel Sao Macario
Hotel for dogs, bathing and grooming service, training and veterinary clinic.
Pet Hotel at Lisbon Zoo
36 single rooms with comfortable beds and automatic water bowls. Rodents, reptiles and birds housed in special units. Dogs have daily walks, monitoring, onsite veterinarian, medications or treatments given and meals. Hours: 09:00-12:00/13:00-17:00.
Paws 4 Pets
Natural Pet Foods, airline travel crates, cages, carriers, pet supplies, pet toys, training aids and health products to purchase in-store or for home delivery. Edificio Avenida Nova, Torre da Mosqueira, Albufeira.
Their Voice Portugal
Registered charity specializing in rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of horses and donkeys, nationally and internationally. Rescue network extends throughout Portugal. In Beja
Cani Feli
Pet shop situated on the main avenue, offering dog grooming, products for cats, birds and water creatures, selling a few reptiles. Stocks international pet product brand names. At Avenida dos Bons Amigos 77B, Agualva, 2735-080 Cacem, Sintra.
Casvet - Hospital Veterinario
Home and clinic vet consultation, X-rays, clinical analysis, pet surgery, pet bathing and grooming. At Avenida dos Platanos 93, Jardins da Parede, 2775-352 Parede.
Dogs of Portugal
Foreign run association that intermediates adoptions from the private shelter Cantinho da Milu in Setubal. English, German and French spoken.
Walk Me Dog Services
Multilingual dog-loving couple offer dog walking services throughout the Central Lisbon area. Speak English, Spanish, Dutch and some Portuguese. Ask for Maychell Carr.
Pet Land
Pet shop that stocks dog food selected by veterinarians and other pet-care products. Avenida de Lisboa Loja 101 A, 2605-002 Casal de Cambra 
Sunnys Silver Coast Kennels, Cattery and Pet Stop
Comfortable, secure, individual holiday spaces for cats. All other household pets also catered for. Located at private home near Sao Martinho do Porto.
Future Dogs
Pet services. Canine hotel, behaviour training school for dogs of all breeds. Specialized pet shop. English speaking. Located near Quinta da Beloura, Sintra
Associacao Animais de Rua
Volunteer run national organization that works to capture and neuter stray animals using TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), which are then returned to their familiar grounds. Adoption program, online store and links for discounted pet food.
Salir Dog Boarding
Care for your dog in my home with free range back garden. Walks in morning and evening in woods, fields or to estuary and beach.
Pet Chauffeurs
All household pets transported to and from Algarve and UK by road. DEFRA compliant. Type 2 Animal Transporter Authorisation issued by Animal Health Welfare. Set fee, door to door. No panel vans. Mini coach air-conditioned and heating front and rear.
Pet shop selling supplies, food and accessories for dogs, cats, fish and other animals. Source for pedigree animals. Stocks wide variety of garden seeds,
Selected plants and fish for sale from all regions of the globe as well as wild corals and products for aquaculture. Also products for cats, dogs, and birds. At Avenida Carlos Silva 8A, Santo Amaro de Oeiras, 2780-354 Oeiras.
Patas e Patinhas
Pets accessories, pet baths and grooming, premium pet foods, petsitting and home product delivery. Rua Placidino dos Reis, 4 , Linho, 2710-336 Sintra.
Bianca Association
Animal centre providing care, shelter and adoption for abused and abandoned animals in Sesimbra county. Co-operates with several organizations abroad. Registered charity. English, German, French and Dutch spoken. At Sesimbra.
Silver Coast Angelic Dogs
Dog behaviour and training, agility classes and variety of workshops on the Silver Coast. Wide range of dog related products, including food, toys, chews and natural remedies.
Native speaker and dog lover for pet care while you are busy with business or vacation.
Lucky Dog Hotel and Grooming
Mobile dog bathing, grooming, training, dog walking and sitting. Dog hotel located at Quinta do Sol.
Euro Pet Transport
Algarve based business providing safe and reliable pet transport across Western Europe and the UK. Our transport is Defra compliant, air conditioned and specially adapted to ensure your pets travel in comfort to their destination.
Clinica Veterinaria Vet 24
International vet clinic offering the latest technology, combined with some traditional methods of pet treatment. At Rua dos Mareantes, Lote 166A, Quinta do Rosario, 2750-426 Cascais.
Memory Pets/ZooMed
Providing individual pet cremation services. Collection and return to owner with ashes in wooden urn with certificate. Rua Antonio Franca Borges, nº 21 A, Torres Vedras.
Clinica Veterinaria de Sao Martinho do Porto
Consultation, X-ray, clinical analysis, surgery, pet bathing and grooming. Emergency number 968 072 930. At Rua Abilio Frazao 8, 2460-660 Sao Martinho do Porto.
Prime Pet
Home based care for pet sitting, walking, alternative therapies, travel documents, vaccination, deworming, microchip placement, cremation and funerals. Workshops and food campaigns. Partner with Hospital Veterinário da Bicuda for hospital services.
K9 Training Center
Training center for dogs using César Milans techniques, obedience, socialisation, behavior, coaching. Dog sitting and veterinary partnerships for care. At Rua do Viveiro, n6 1 drt 2765-294 Estoril.
Caninus Hotel & Training
Dog boarding kennels located on a farm in the countryside. Separate kennels with indoor bedrooms and outdoor runs, both very spacious. Other service include dog training, walks, bath and grooming.
Pet hotel, grooming, therapy, training and funeral service.
Pets & Pools
Vet and petshop, also pool maintenance services. At Rua do Estorninho Loja L/J, Quinta da Bicuda, 2750-686 Cascais.
Quinta do Pinheiro Manso
Pet sitting services for dogs, cats and other household pets. Short and long term solutions. Horse boarding and training available upon request.
Quinta do Sol Dog Hotel
Where your dog enjoys its holidays. Individual boarding for dogs, indoor/outdoor runs, twice daily walks, activities, swimming pool and resident vet. Special needs welcomed. Immunization policy in effect. 09:30 to 18:30 daily. English speaking.
Quinta da Patada
Pet hotel, training school, bathing and grooming service plus a veterinary doctor service.
The Cedar Centre
Privately funded, non-profit animal rescue centre. Provides shelter and care for abused and abandoned animals in central Portugal region, and seeks to rehome them. At Quinta das Hortas, Casais De Sao Clemente, Lamas, 3220-012 Miranda Do Corvo.
Portuguese dogsitter will care for your dog while you are away - either in your home or at her house with garden. References available.
Holistica Veterinaria
Home health care and treatment using traditional Chinese medicine, biological and conventional medicine for animals.
Quinta do Monte Vendavais
Boarding kennel, cattery, can also look after other household pets. Pet training, vet services, grooming, bathing, transportation and pet insurance. At Quinta Monte dos Vendavais, Estrada de Manique, Tires, 2765-269 Sao Domingos de Rana, Cascais.