Hospitals & Health Centres

Hospital Pulido Valente
National Health Service hospital. At Alameda das Linhas de Torres 117, Lumiar, 1769-001 Lisbon.
HPA - Hospital Particular de Almada
Private hospital with dialysis clinic providing hemodialysis treatments. Psychiatrist and dietician available to advise patients. Specialised medical assistance 24 hours a day. At Rua Manuel Febrero 85, Cova da Piedade, 2805-192 Almada.
The Champalimaud Foundation
Advanced biomedical research and clinical care. Private medical care. Specialists in oncology, cancer research, neurosciences, prevention of blindness. Access for public to visit foundation, facilities for organisation of events and conferences.
Amera Residential Care
Assisted living facility, temporary nursing care for physical and psychological recovery. Seminario da Torre dAguilha 2785-599 S. Domingos de Rana, Carcavelos.
Clinica St. Louis
General health needs, emergency services, routine and specialty exams, xray, surgery, eye exams and additional medical treatments and services.
Clinica Medica Internacional de Lisboa
Clinic with a team of Anglo-Portuguese doctors, surgeons and nurses. The clinic also runs a 24 hour emergency service. At Av. Sidónio Pais 14, r/c esq, 1050-214, Lisbon.
Hospital Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa
Portuguese Red Cross Hospital. Specialises in cardiology, ophthalmology and physiotherapy. Jardim 9 de Abril, 1-5, 1249-083 Lisbon.
Hospital de Cascais Dr. Jose de Almeida
Private hospital. Casualty service, orthopaedic, paediatric, appointments, surgery. At Avenida Brigadeiro Victor Novais Gonçalves, 2755-009 Alcabideche, Cascais.
Clinica CUF Cascais
Clinic with 40 consultation rooms, physiotherapy unit, two operating theatres and a range of medical specialities. Emergency department open 24 hours a day. Director of General and Family Medicine is Dr French. Rua Fernao Lopes 60, 2750-663 Cascais.
Centro Psicogeriatrico Nossa Senhora Fatima
Geriatric hospital, appointments specialising in Alzeimer and Parkinson diseases. At Rua Machado Santos 2, 2775-236 Parede, Cascais.
Clinica Europa
European clinic. Open Monday to Friday at 8:30-20:30 and Saturday at 9:00-14:00. At Rua da Catembe 165, 2775-561 Carcavelos.
Instituto Portugues de Oncologia de Francisco Gentil
Oncology hospital. Address: Rua Professor Lima Basto - Sao Domingos de Benfica, 1070 Lisbon.
Hospital CUF Descobertas
Private hospital with English speaking staff. At Lisbon.
British Hospital
Private hospital with in and out patient facilities and medical examinations. At Torres de Lisboa, Rua Tomás da Fonseca, 1600-209 Lisbon.
Hospital da Luz - Clínica de Oeiras
Private clinic for the Cascais area offering primary and speciality services, clinical analysis, imaging, day surgery, health check-ups, urgent care and a direct connection to the Hospital da Luz. Rua Coro Sto Amaro Oeiras 12, Oeiras.
Hospital de Santa Marta
National Health Service hospital. At Rua de Santa Marta, 1169-024 Lisbon.
Clinica Atlanta
Clinic specialising in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Rua Castilho 71, 1250-68 Lisbon.
Hospital Santa Cruz
National health service hospital, general clinic services at Avenida Professor Reinaldo dos Santos, 2790-134 Carnaxide.
HPA - Hospital Particular de Almada
Private hospital with dialysis clinic providing hemodialysis treatments. Psychiatrist and dietician available to advise patients. Specialised medical assistance 24 hours a day. At Rua Manuel Febrero 85, Cova da Piedade, 2805-192 Almada.
Hospital Nossa Senhora do Rosario
National Health Service hospital. At Avenida Movimento Forcas Armadas, 2830-355 Barreiro.
CNO-lx Centro Medico
Neurophthalmology, dental and other clinical treatments. Open Monday to Friday 09:00-21:00 Saturdays 10:00-14:00, At Praca Jose Fontana 11 - 1º, 1050-129 Lisbon.
Hospital CUF Infante Santo
Private hospital with English speaking staff. At Lisbon.
Hospital S. Francisco Xavier
Hospital for paediatrics, psychology, surgery, gynaecology, intensive care, oncology and emergencies at Estrada do Forte do Alto do Duque, 1495-005 Lisbon.
Policlinica Cidade Nova, Lda
General practice with specialties, analysis, electrocardiography, Doppler EKG, dental and minor surgeries. Mon-Fri 07:30-22:30; Sat 07:30-14:30. C. C. Cid. Nova, Pr. Alexandre Herculano, 2, 2660-255 Santo Antonio dos Cavaleiros.
Walkin Clinics
Walk-in health care clinic for general and specialized care including dentistry. Health plans available. English speaking. Locations: Praça de Alvalade, Telheiras, Odivelas, Sintra
Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Ocidental EPE
Privatised Hospital with all medical specialities appointments and internments.
Cascais Health Centre (Estoril)
Health centre open Monday to Friday 08:00-20:00. Paediatric casualty service, family planning, maternity, childrens health, other complementary health appointments at Av. Biarritz 1, 2765-200 Estoril.
Clinica Internacional de Saude de Cascais
Health centre with English-speaking doctors. At Rua Joao Infante Lote 1 r/c A, Alto das Flores, Bairro do Rosario, 2750-384 Cascais.
Clinicacuf Alvalade
Caters to multiple specialities. Also provide consults and check-ups, clinical analysis, minor surgeries, diagnostic exams and acupuncture. At Rua Professor Fernando da Fonseca, Estadio Alvalade XXI, 1600-618 Lisbon.
Hospital da Luz
Modern, private hospital with 24 hour urgent care, specialised centres of excellence for cardiology, gastroenterology, neurosciences, women and childrens medicine. Avenida Lusiada 100, Lisbon.
CMIL - International Medical Clinic of Lisbon
Located at the hearth of the city, the International Medical Clinic of Lisbon - CMIL provides full health care services through a multidisciplinary team of medical practitioners with English as their first or second speaking language.
Carnaxide Health Centre
General health centre for consultations in paediatrics, psychology with a social services and vaccination department. At Praceta Teixeira Pascoais, 2795-569 Carnaxide.
Clinica Todos os Santos
Clinic specialising in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Rua Goncalves Crespo 39, 1169-084 Lisbon.
Hospital Santa Maria
University hospital with a 24 hour emergency service. Situated at Avenida Professor Eqas Moniz, 1649-035 Lisbon.
Psiworks - Cuidados de Saude.
We are a Mental Health Care Clinic located in Lisbon dedicated to providing consultations in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Neurology and Rheumatology.
José de Mello Saúde
Private hospital at Travessa de Castro 3, 1350-070 Lisbon.