Internet, Telephone, VOIP & WiFi

Cable and satellite TV, ADSL and mobile broadband internet, telephone package services, technical installation and after sales service. 
Broadband ADSL, domain, home internet access and security services. Edificio Parque Expo, Avenida D. Joao II, 1.07-2.1, R/C, 1998-014 Lisbon.
Oni Communications
Voice, data, internet and managed services for the corporate, government and carriers segments. Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 27, 1069-447 Lisbon.
Optimus Clix
Telephone, internet service, web mail, website hosting and technical assistance.
NOS Comunicacoes SA
Sales and after sales services of cable and satellite TV, and ADSL and broadband mobile Internet access; also provides technical services for homes and companies.
Internet access provider with packages providing unlimited usage, personal pages, blogs, webmail and other services. 
Cyclop Net
Internet and telephone services. Web design, web hosting, VPN, e-commerce and customer support.
PT Negocios
Internet, telephone and mobile integrated solutions for businesses. 
AR Telecom
Integrated communication solutions, consulting services and corporate network management for business and public sector, multimedia and wholesale. Doca de Alcantara, Edificio Diogo Cao, 1350-352 Lisboa
World Telecom
Telephone line rental, ADSL broadband, voice calls and customer services in English, German or Portuguese.
Nos Kanguru
Mobile broadband service and equipment.