Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

J&A Garrigues
Lawyers and tax advisors serving the business community.
Full service lawyer firm for national and international concerns, commercial law, corporate law, labour law, civil law and more.
CSC Advogada
Lawyers for immigration, employment and social security law, real estate, criminal law, contracts, family law and succession. 
Albuquerque & Almeida Advogados
Lawyers for civil law, corporate, commercial banking, capital markets, government relations, insurance, labour relations, litigation, patents and taxes.
Abrantes Advogados
An independent Portuguese law office with lawyers specialised in commercial and corporate law, finance, real estate, tax, employment, civil law, intellectual property and litigation. 
F. Castelo Branco e Associados
Lawyers for litigation and arbitration, corporate finance, banking, insurance, European Community, competition and property among others.
Azevedo Brandão & Associados
Law Firm with lawyers covering legal areas in labour and employment, civil, records and notary, fiscal, criminal, public and administration.
All Is Law - Lisbon
Portuguese legal practice, with lawyer's offices in Lisbon and Algarve: taxes, administrative, real estate. 
Clementina Paiva
Lawyers practice. Child custody, contracts, marriage, divorce, estate, foreign claims, investments and labor relations.
GPASA Advogados - Law Firm
Lawyers for counselling in corporate, finance and securities, real estate and tourism, labour, insurance, litigation, intellectual property, immigration, residence and sports law.
SRS Advogados
Lawyers specialising in criminal, financial, construction, property and planning, employment and shipping law. 
Lima Thomas Attorneys
Lawyers for assistance or representation under Portuguese jurisdiction, as well as relocation of companies, individuals and workforce for resident and non-resident companies or individuals.
Luís Brito Correia
Law firm for civil and criminal law, specialising in European and competition law; tourism, hotel and catering law; town planning and environmental law. Also handle debt recovery and accident claims. Avenida Alvares Cabral 84,1º-D 1269-092 Lisbon.
CVSP Advogados
Lawyers for local taxation, tax litigation, arbitration and property acquisition.
Joana Martins Farinha
Lawyer for commercial and business law, real estate, family, civil, commercial, business and criminal law.
Luis Moreira
Attorney at Law. English-speaking lawyer with experience in the real estate field, as well as in Portuguese nationality cases, and legal consultancy in several fields. 
Marques Pinto & Caldas Patricio
English-speaking lawyers. Expertise in real estate law, corporate and commercial, tax, bankruptcy, family and inheritance, immigration. English and French spoken.
Miranda & Associados
Large international law firm with specialists for all aspects of coverage.
MDM Legal
Lawyers for legal advice in criminal, property, labour, family and inheritance, administrative and contract law throughout the whole of Algarve, Lisbon and Alentejo regions.
João Nabais & Associados
Legal practice for civil, criminal, labour, property, family, inheritance, administrative and touristic law. 
Morais Leitao, Galvao Teles, Soares Da Silva & Associados
Lawyers for financial, contracts, corporations, foreign investments, insurance, taxes and trademarks.
Dr. Antonio Ferreira Borges - Advogado
Lawyers for property law, conveyance; company law and registration; foreign investment, individual and corporate law others.
MGRA Associados
Portugal based law firm engaged in international, commercial and business practice. 
Oliveira Law Office Advogado
English speaking lawyers for preventative law, litigation, property law, boundary disputes, property conveyance, civil, criminal law and driving offences. 
Fernando Porta
Lawyer for foreign investors in Portugal, visitors and investors, new residents or immigrant entrepreneurs. Also offers business counseling, advice and legal services among others.
Almeida Ribeiro - Advogados
Lawyers for adoptions, child custody, marriage, divorce, civil damages, foreign investments and immigration.
Alcides Martins, Bandeira, Simões & Associados
Full service firm with lawyers providing expertise in family law, work law, intellectual property, fiscal direction and additional areas. 
Caiado Guerreiro
International law firm with lawyers specialising in corporate, commercial, financial and tax law. 
Martínez-Echevarría & Rivera lawyers
International legal firm specialising in business and financial law including foreign trade, taxation and multidisciplinary legal advice to companies.
Isidora Pais Varanda
Portuguese lawyer with a PHD in commercial and business law and experience in real estate, family, civil, commercial, business and criminal law. 
AGP Advogados
Independent law firm with lawyers focussed on commercial and corporate, labour, rental and real estate, notary, notarial acts, family law, inheritance, immigration and Golden Visa.
Abreu & Marques e Associados
Lawyers for civil, commercial and corporate law as well as financial, banking and tax law. 
Monterroso & Associados
General practice firm with specialties in commercial, administrative, autarchic and fiscal law, labour and Insurance law. 
RFF & Associados
Lawyers for aeronautical, maritime, estates, marriage and divorce.
PLMJ Law Firm
Lawyers covering all aspects of law providing services in various foreign languages, in particular English, French, Spanish and German.
Rafael Madeira da Silva
Independent lawyer for legal advice to businesses and private clients. English and Portuguese speaking with experience advising foreign clients.
Helder Ferreira & Associados
Medium-size multi-discipline firm with lawyers specialised in finance and banking law, debt recovery, arbitration, civil litigation, commercial, penal, corporate, competition, family and property law. 
Gil Figueira & Devillet Lima
International law firm that advises corporate and private clients across several industries and jurisdictions.
Caria Mendes Advogados
English speaking lawyer with offices in Lisbon. Specialising in commercial law, fiscal, administrative, and company law. 
Vasco Soares da Veiga & Associados
Lawyer specialising in civil and commercial, family, real estate, dispute resolution and arbitration, wills and probate and private international law.
Francisco Pimentel, Varandas & Associados
Lawyers practising general law including litigation, arbitration, criminal, labor, tax, environmental, banking and finance. 
Teresa Patrício & Associados Advogados
Law firm with dual-qualified Portuguese attorneys and English solicitors and lawyers who are able to understand the specific needs of both national and foreign clients.
Luis Miguel Amaral
Multilingual lawyer giving advice at international level. Avenida Sidonio Pais, n.º 10, 5.º Dto., 1050-214 Lisbon.
EDGE - International Lawyers
General practice law firm with English-speaking lawyers. Expertise in taxation law, family law, immigration and shipping law and real estate law. Also qualified to advise on English law. Offices at Avenida Praia da Vitoria 5, 1000-245 Lisbon.
Candeias & Associates - Law Office
Established in 1994, with 25 lawyers for LPO services; capital and family office. Online interface for concise information for potential and current clients.
Macedo Vitorino & Associados
Lawyers for financial, child custody, civil damages, investments, marriage, divorce and taxes.
Filipe Espinha Advogados
Lawyers for taxation, immigration, visa, civil and land registry, commerce, labour, startups, and corporate matters.
Rosario Consulting Group
International legal practice for business law as well as foreign investment and dispute-resolution law. Departments dedicated to the energy sector and natural resources development.
FCSM Associates Law Firm
Lawyers for immigration acquisition, criminal law, notarial process, work permits, start up in Portugal, condominium resolutions, maritime law.
Zita Heliodoro
Practising commercial law, administrative law, fiscal law, labour law and debt recovery. Portuguese, Spanish and English spoken.