Medical Services & Supplies

Medical supply company for surgical, orthopedic, geriatric, phlebology supplies, trauma care, medical machines and technical assistance. At Qt. Del Rei, Lote 259, Loja-2, Viseu.
Audioclinica - Reabilitacao Auditiva
Audioclinic for hearing tests and hearing aid devices at Rua Luis de Camoes 102, 1495-082 Alges, Oeiras.
Widex Centro Auditivos
Hearing devices equipment, lip reading classes and speech therapy. Located at Avenida Duque DAvila 141 - 6º, 1050-081 Lisbon.
Casa de Repouso Santa Barbara
Assisted living, therapeutic nursing care and rehabilitation. Meals, hygiene, social care and use of leisure areas. Sauna, pool, jacuzzi, gaming room and sauna. Located in the Silver Coast at Rua de Santa Barbara, n.º 93, Marquiteira, 2530-729 Louri